What are your definite no-nos for wedding menu?

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ShinyBride Posts: 418
Personally I love goats cheese and would love a goats cheese starter, but I know it's a love/hate thing for most people, and my OH is keen on having lamb for our main course, but again I know a lot of people would run their nose up at lamb... What do / would you hate to see on the menu as a wedding guest?
codenameduchess Posts: 64
I'm a fairly fussy eater so I normally don't like seeing turkey and ham or beef on a menu. If there's a fish option, I'll always go for that instead. My OH wanted lamb or duck! In his defence, they were both gorgeous at the menu tasting.
nosie Posts: 449
I hate seeing Chicken/mushroom vol-au-vent and turkey/ham combo... oh and cheesecake too. I dislike very few types of food, its just that those are so badly done 99% of the time that my heart sinks when I see them. I would be delighted to see either duck or lamb on the menu.
jenibean Posts: 16
So want lamb and sea bass - yum! For me it's the dreaded beef or salmon combo that needs to be avoided - I just think it is so bog standard! Choose somehting that tasted amazing and you can't go wrong :)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I'm fed up of vol au vent, veg soup, turkey/ham - I'm not a fan of silver service either - much rather plated meals. I love when menus have something other than meat and potatoes - we had a lovely chicken and pasta dish at a wedding last year, it was delicious!!! I love seeing duck or lamb, a good chicken dish or fish (sea bass, hake, lemon sole - nit salmon!), love a crème brulee or panna cotta or just a simple brownie for dessert over cheesecake or crumble. But once it's done well that's all that matters - I've had amazing goat's cheese tartlet and I have an awful one at weddings - choose whatever looked and tasted the best and you can't go wrong!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
The only thing a no no for me at the wedding is only one main course option. But I'm fairly fussy & will make do with potatoes & veg if I have to, but if there's a choice it's more likely il eat something! Im going against the grain but I love Turkey & ham, would never eat beef/lamb/duck. Shinybride - is there a starter & then a soup? For those who don't like goats cheese they could skip & just hav soup & still be plenty full..
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Interesting to see a lot of people here would like what I would consider to be the more controversial options. Good to know!! I'd actually be happy, as a wedding guest, with either the traditional chicken vol-au-vent / veg soup / beef combo or a more modern option like goats cheese, duck / lamb, etc. The only thing I don't really like is an assiette of desserts. We'll be having one 'advertised' main course - most likely beef or possibly lamb, with a fish (cod, hake, sea bass or sea bream) or vegetarian alternative. This will be detailed at the bottom of the menu, and they also offer a garden salad or melon starter as an alternative, if people don't like / eat the starter we choose.
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Sorry, yes, there is a starter and soup. Trying to get the balance between pleasing everyone and having a really nice meal, as we love good food and our venue does fantastic food so it would be a shame to serve people boring food.
MrsP2be2015 Posts: 100
We're actually having a goat's cheese tartlet for starter. we know not everyone will like it but you can never please everyone anyway and it was delicious at the tasting. it's followed by cream of vegetable soup and surely everyone will eat that so we don't think people will go hungry. There's a choice of main then. For me anything with fish would be a no-no. Also not a fan of beef as it is rarely done right for 100+ people so beef or fish would be a bad choice for me!
Conormammy Posts: 404
We are having the following Ck salad thyme and lemon Pate with crispy bread Butternut squash and coconut milk soup Hake Lamb Gnocci ( for vegatarians) Strawberry and chocolate marcase Apple and ruhurb crumble. They all have very long and fancy descriptions but thats basically what we are having. All the food was delish! The lamb was out of this world. We feel there is a safe and fancy choice for each course. What i hate are salmon the room stinks for the night! And medley desserts.