What are your reason for breastfeeding?

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Duffers Posts: 1841
Hey! Just wondering why some of you will choose to breastfeed. (also posted in M&K) Is it one reason in particular? A number of reasons? Or something you just always thought was what you would definitely do? For the health benefits? To get body back in shape? Or coz its free? These are a few Ive heard. Also heard someone say coz its now trendy!! Keep it clean ladies :o0 :lvs I breastfed DS for nearly 6 months and hope to feed this little one too, hopefully for longer.
neadi Posts: 11
Because I believe it is the best thing I can do for my baby :heartbeat:
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I have always thought that I would breastfeed and I really hope I can because I know it's not possible for everyone. So I will definitely try and try very hard and hope it works for us. I have LOADS of reasons: mainly because it is said to be the best start for baby in terms of nutrition and immunity and general health. Also I think it creates such a special bond between mum and baby. As well as that there is no buying of formula and no preparing of bottles. The amount of calories it burns is a huge bonus also!! And just the general convenience of being able to do it any time any place. To be honest, I can't see any reason not to. I do know it's hard though - at my pilates class last week some of the mums were talking about how difficult it can be. Im hoping to see a lactation consultant towards the end of my pregnancy.
CherylC Posts: 1071
Because its proven to be best thing for my baby. Added bonus being very convenient (once established) and of helping me to loose weight quicker!
dhidra Posts: 3147
The reason I breastfed DS was not a matter of 'why', but more, 'why not?' In retrospect, the benefits for me were health,immunity, convenience, bonding, and weightloss; more or less in that order.
momof3 Posts: 510
Best for baby Inexpensive Convienient ESP at night Feel close to baby when feeding Less wind with bf then ff in my experience anyway Weigh loss for me As someone else said with these reasons y not
Trafford Posts: 463
I agree with all of the above. I've never even thought of not breast-feeding, to be honest.
Duffers Posts: 1841
Hey everybody! Thanks for all the answers :thnk Im the same...I never really thought about why I would, just always assumed I would. I dont think I even thought about the benefits, just its what my body is designed to do as a mother and it was part of helping my baby grow. I really really enjoyed it and cant wait to do it again. :lvs Wonder if this could be made a sticky for the positive stories? Or maybe the one in M&K.
Trafford Posts: 463
[quote="mrslegolas":2y74m66f] [b:2y74m66f]Its what my body is designed to do [/b:2y74m66f]as a mother and it was part of helping my baby grow. [/quote:2y74m66f] This is how I look at it too. It seems unnatural to me somehow not to breastfeed, and I almost find the idea of my body's milk not being used as sort of icky.
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I honestly never even concidered bf until I started ttc and after losing my first ds I was determined to do everything I could possibly do to give my babies the best start in life and after reading all the pro's it just seemed to make sense to do it I never looked back and like yourself I bf ds for 6 months and I hope to be able to do it for a bit longer this time the bond is just amazing in my opinion