What baby clothes to buy?

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freedom Posts: 126
I'm a first time Mom and we don't know whether we are having a little boy or girl. I was in M&S yesterday trying to get some baby clothes and just didn't know what to get! Obviously I have to but neutral/white for now so can anyone tell me exactly what I need to get for before babs arrives - i.e. how many short or long sleeve vests, sleepsuits etc. Just the basics to see us through the first 2 weeks or so. Also do you go for newborn or up to 1 month (M&S) or both??!! :thnk
bride. Posts: 3014
I don't know what the right answer is, I personally went overboard and bought all the clothes we will need for the next few years! Well not that bad but I bought a mix of sizes so I have newborn, 0-3 mths and 3-6 months. Mostly I bought body suits, babygros, vests, socks, hats, scratch mits, also got a fair few outfits that I couldn't resist - little dresses and things. I won't have to do any washing for the first while anyway.
jarashow Posts: 3083
I found this really helpful http://www.mothercare.com/gp/browse.htm ... Q&mcb=core
delgirl Posts: 1706
I would recommend mothercare for babygros. They come with the little mitts attached which are so handy for newborns. I got one pack of newborn from mothercare. They do lovely ones that are white and say I love Mummy and I love Daddy on them, so cute. The newborn ones from mothercare are a generous size too. My fella was 8lb 5oz and really long and he fitted into them for two weeks. It was nice having a good fit for first few days as it keeps them warm and snug. I then bough 3 packs (3 babygros) in each pack of 0-3 months from mothercare. This was enough for us but we didn't have a sicky baby. I also got some warm lined cardigans for over his babygro and some short sleeved vests. Bought 5 newborn and the rest 0-3 months. Make sure if you are buying newborn that you get the ones to 11lb. Two options for newborn up to 7lb and up to 11lb. Then just lots of blankets for swaddling and some nice comfy hats that are quite stretchy. Babs head was oddly shaped initially and only large stretchy hats would fit him for first two weeks. If you get the babygros with mitts attached I would not bother with seperate mitts. Instead of mitts I would be inclined to get nice long socks anyway as they stay on better.
roxychick Posts: 1802
Get loads of babygrows and vests. Went through loads of them in the first few weeks. He was 8lbs 10oz and grew out of the 0-3 babygrows in 5 weeks. U'll get loads of presents anyway so don't go too mad plus u'll get really sick of all the neutral stuff
freedom Posts: 126
Thanks girls - that's all a great help. I will make out a proper list and head in over the weekend. I just felt soo confused yesterday when standing in front of the new baby section what with all the different packs/ sizes etc. :wv
Hot Mama Posts: 206
I have lots of baby gros and vest too - need to start buying my blankets and sheets now :lvs
RJR Posts: 962
Quick tip - the sleepsuits and vests that don't have to go over their heads to be put on are great because for the first couple of weeks you get a bit nervous dressing them and anything going over their heads is harder to put on Tesco do packs of white sleepsuits that fasten all the way down so you don't have to pull them over their heads - they're great for putting them down to sleep in as they cover their feet as well H&M have a lot of vests that don't go over their heads but fasten all the way down Really you only need vests and sleepsuits for the first couple of weeks, you'll get so many clothes it's best to wait a while before going shopping properly as I ended up with far too many as I bought loads myself.
jarashow Posts: 3083
Pennys have good stuff too. Plain white baby gros and vests with buttons and I think they are only €7 for a pack of 3 baby gros and 5 vests.
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I have the mothercare catalogue at home and there's a helpful list in there what the essentials are. Besides white/ivory you can also just buy clothes in a bright yellow or cream - or even red. Before I found out that we're having a girl I bought 2 tshirts with some cheeky prints on them in Adams, and it would have been for both genders. :wv