What baby monitors did you choose?

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Babydoll2012 Posts: 69
Hi All, I'm having trouble choosing a baby monitor at the moment. I was originally looking at the angel care monitor but the reviews on it seem to be quite bad. Alot of people say if the baby moves off the sensor mat in its sleep the alarm goes off alerting you to thinking they've stopped breathing. i really do not like the thought of this as i would be driven up the wall with worry! Correct me also if i'm wrong as it was only reviews. Another one that has been recommended to me is the philips avent humidifier one. It seems really good and reviews don't seem to bad either but i think this ios a new monitor so prob not enough reviews done on it compared to the angelcare. A local baby shop has warned me off any of the tomy brand. They don't sell them at there shop anymore because they were forever gettign them returned with problems but when i was in mothercare the other day the girl was telling me the tomy one is her best seller. Mind you she didn't seem to have much knowledge on them at all and basically read out to me the side of the boxes when i asked her advice but sure i could have done that myself. Sorry for the big post, i don't mind spending the money just want to be buying the right product. Any help on this much appreciated :)
CB2012 Posts: 236
Hi, I have the angel care monitor, however I never plugged in the sensor mat for the exact reason you mentioned. I can't say whether the mat part is good or bad but I felt I had enough to worry about without having a heart attack everytime my ds moved! I did use it as a normal monitor and found it great especially the tempature monitor and light. My ds is 2 now so we don't need the monitor but I still use the light so it wasn't a total waste of money :)
pag Posts: 633
We have the video monitor by Motorola MBP30 Twin which is two cameras. It is brill as you can keep eye on baby/toddler and see what they are up too. Sometimes babies just cry in their sleep but are ok and having the video means you can see exactly what they are up to. We always knew if DD was waking up cause she put her hands to her face, otherwise she was just crying out in her sleep - shows we all can sleep talk :o0 We have the two placed around the room so can now keep an eye on DD as a toddler (she is in her own bed now) Got it in argos for 130e and one of our best buys. Oh it also allows for an additional two cameras if you have more than one child.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I have the Angle care monitor and I love love love it. My first child was born before sensor mats and I could never sleep because i was always checking he was breathing but I have great piece of mind with the angle care - I still use it and baby is 18 months - I leave it plugged in all night and he is still in the same room as us. I do however think if i was living in a bigger house that i would find a video monitor very handy but my main priority is having the sensor. Our sensor has only went off twice false alarm.
OctMammy2b Posts: 197
I have the angel care monitor too and find it great. I know what you mean about the false alarms but for me the peace of mind with the sensor mat makes up for the possible false alarm. There's so much out there to choose from, good luck with your decision!
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
We have the angelcare sensor mat one and I totally LOVE it! It means I never had to lean over moses basket or cot and worry whether baby was breathing, especially during the first couple of weeks where I was petrified of something happening to the little small baby I had been sent home from hospital with :-8 Have been using it for nearly 15 months now and the alarm has only gone off three times .. DD's cot is quite big so we have the sensitivity level at maximum.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
We have the Tomy Classic and no complaints at all. Does the job at a reasonable price.
MammyG Posts: 565
We have the tommee tippee sound and movement monitor- I find it excellent- ds is in his own room so we have constant reasurance that he is ok- there is a little green flashing light on the handset that flickers to illustrate the heartbeat- it's great because all you have to do is during the night have a quick glance and I can see the light flickering away- you can't beat it
justwed09 Posts: 2349
angle care monitor lover here too! ds is 18 months old and only about 4 times has the alarm gone off, all because he moved to the very end of the cot and went off the sensor area, it does say on it to turn off the sensor mat once 12 month old but i havent, hence the alarm going off. i wouldnt be without my monitor for the peace of mind alond. My brother has a video monitor and they are so paranoid, they keep watching their LO sleep!
lush11 Posts: 2877
We got the angel care monitor as a present and it was by far the best investment EVER. My 18 week old is still in his moses basket and we use it in that. Its only when your baby gets bigger do they be able to move around more freely but for me it gave me peace of mind esp when i thought of cot death. It is amazing. Couldnt recommend it enough. The video monitors are all well and good but they dont alert you if your baby stops breathing.