What beauty treatments are you all having?

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preghopes Posts: 468
Hi girls just wondering, what beauty treatments you are all having and when? I was going to go for a day with my mum for massage, facial etc...... But cant think what all I could have done to make me feel great as feeling a little stressted lately. And how far in advance should I have treatments done. If there are any treatments that you would recommend for relaxation please let me know :action34
dexavia Posts: 242
i'm having a facial on saturday, waxing - eyebrow/last tint on tuesday and full body massage, mani and peti on wednesday!
Twirl Posts: 5598
I have nothing booked at all and wedding in 3 weeks :o( :o( :o( going to do a face mask tonight hopefully and i will book in for pedicure and manicure as its badly needed. I would love to get a facial done but i know i wont have the time. I do have a very good skin routine so i have that to fall back on.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
None really. Having a French manicure the night before the wedding that's about it. Purley because everyone's going to be looking at my hands to see the ring. Planning on brining my Mam and FMIL as well for a file and polish as a treat. Have decent skin anyway, so just getting into a good at-home routine with some nice products/moisturiser/day cream in the months leading up to the weddingetc. Just going to have a big mad shower on the morning of the wedding, shave, exfoliate, dry brush, facial scrub, pluck and preen! Not doing fake tan, never wear it so am grand as I am. If you have the money for beauty treatments then go for it, for sure. If you don't then just spend a few quid on yummy smelling things in Boots and do it at home!
hattiedee Posts: 358
I'm a work in progress!!! I'm having laser hair removal at the mo (got a great bargain there) and when I've a bit of dosh together I hope to get some thread veins removed from around my nose and my legs (I really hate those buggers!) Then I might go for a few gycolic peels in the months leading up to the big day to help my skin look more glowing!! I think I'll go for a make up lesson as I'm doing my own on the day ( and buy a couple of new things like foundation and primer, have my eyelashes already!), and a mani/pedi the day before the wedding and that's it! God I'm vain!!! :eek :yelrotflmaosmilie: Edited to say - Relaxation wise you can't beat a good massage, even foot or head. Or try a facial but ask them not to do any extractions!!
circus123 Posts: 379
hattie dee can i ask where you are getting the laser treatment? (as in what company not area of your body!!!) i'm thinking of getting it done on my underarms for the wedding. Brown Cow are doing 6 treatments for €100, just wondering if it's good value. do you find it painful? i think facials will be the only other thing i'll have done apart from the nails and tan.
mamajen Posts: 2263
I'm having the ultra sound hair removal done on my lip and chin at the moment. Will just be getting my nails done and eyebrows shaped that week.
hattiedee Posts: 358
Hey Circus, I actually posted in the tip of the week a little while ago about the laser treatment, I'm getting it done in Brown Cow Sandyford so can tell you all! Pain: not bad at all. It does start out easy enough but gets stronger after each session so it's more effective. The underarm is more 'painful' than the legs as the area is more sensitive but it's not as bad as waxing in my opinion and over in a second. I've had 4 goes with the underarms and the last session was the only time I was a bit uncomfortable. The legs I barely notice she's doing it! Value: So far I'm very happy. I paid €100 for 6 underarm and €200 for 6 leg (best money I've ever spent, I can really see results.I'd say there's roughly only a fifth of original hair left in underarm area) My friend started a few months before me and paid €350 (now that's painful!) for the underarm treatment but the difference is she can keep getting the treatments done till it's all gone, I'm limited to 6. I'm hopeful that it will all be gone after session 6, then I'll really be able to assess the value aspect. Hope that helps!! :wv
doone Posts: 503
Have to recommend Yonka facials !! they are so good and they have one which is an intensive moisturising treatment which leaves your face so soft
circus123 Posts: 379
thanks a mill hattie dee that is really helpful, def think i'll go for it. can you post your review after you've had the 6th session done :thnk :thnk