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Bee07 Posts: 628
We haven't even started looking at stuff yet, no matter buying bits and pieces - only 15 weeks gone - but it wont be long before we do start, so I just thought I might get the low down from you experts out there!! This is our first baby - where to start - any recommendations/tips? on our sept tread one poster recommended the Phil and Ted ones as they can be adpted to a double buggy easily - which could be handy down the line a friend at work warned me against gettinbg buggys where u have to take off wheels etc - picture rain, crying baby - aaggghhh Brands, accessories - I havent a clue - help O:|
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Ditto for me too bee I havent a clue. I REALLY want the mamas and papas polka dot one but some people don't like the m&p they say they're not great. The other option for me is the silver cross 3d but in reading comparison posts they seem to favour the m&p.. My sister recommends the quinny buzz but im sorry to any quinny owners I just don't like the look of it at all.. Therefore no matter how handy it is it's off my list, I need a buggy that doesn't make me want to cry at the thoughts of it..
pixiebell Posts: 739
Hi, This is my first baby to...i really like that same mamas and papas one as princessdotethegoat but heard bad review about that particular one. Having said that i went to the Mamas and Papas shop and i'm getting the Sola. Its light and easy to push and i have read alot of good reviews about it! I need something that i can manage to put in and out of the car and that is handy for me. Everyone will have different opinions on what you should get but you have to think about what you actually need. I dont really need a carry cot and thats why i chose the sola even though you can get a carrycot for it. Mamas and Papas do have good reductions on at the minute for the month of March so its worth a look!
jelly beans Posts: 170
oh i know - it's a total minefield. your best bet is to think about what you want and need - as in will you be doing alot of walking in the countryside, or mainly around shopping centres or that. I had a weird obsession that I really wanted one that folded up all in one go, instead of some of the new ones that come apart into pieces – though a lot of the new ones now, that can be adapted from pram for newborn to buggy for toddler are separate pieces (like the quinny / bugaboo) – and can usually have the carseat sit on to the wheelbase rather than buggy / pram part. Then go into one of the general shops like Eurobabies / Tony Kealys / Mothercare and let them guide you through them. Most of them will be really good at giving you a quick description of each type and what they’re best for. (I had heard so much about Tony Kealys and how great they were – was there last weekend and have to agree – so helpful and honest about the different types). Also found the girl in Eurobabies out in Airside very helpful. I love the SilverCross too, though I had a slight issue with the 2 handles instead of one big one (petty I know, but there you go). DH had his heart set on Phil & Teds though (think he’s planning no2 already – I’ve warned him to let me get through this pregnancy and birth too!!). After talking to them in Tony Kealys have kind of decided on the Phil & Ted Vibe now. Didn’t like them originally because the baby couldn’t face you in the pram position, but the newest version it can. Funny because one of the things we both said at the start was that we didn’t want a 3 wheeler!! One other thing the girl in Eurobabies mentioned to me was to be aware of reviews on line – absolutely have a look, but remember people are much quicker to write about negative experiences rather than positive! Anyway, sorry that became a very long waffly post sorry, but best bet is to look at as many as you can and see what you come around to…..one thing I’ll say, you probably wont find one that ticks all your boxes!!! (I’m happy with the choice we’ve made, but still love the look of the SilverCross one the most, even suggest to DH that we get that now and get his P&T when (if) the next one comes, but I know that’s crazy!!) Best of luck :thnk Ps I know most of the shops I mentioned were dublin based ones, but also found when we visited a place with nursery supplies in Wicklow they were really helpful – and had quite a wide variety which was good – also no links to particular brand!
tribesdoll Posts: 295
I'm having an awful time deciding as well - and I really need to get the finger out at almost 27 weeks! I initially really wanted one that could convert to a double, and didn't want a 3 wheeler, so that left us with the BabyJogger City Select or the iCandy Peach. My friend has the iCandy and she said the seats are really small in them and that baby will have outgrown it more quickly than other buggies, so that ruled that one out. Then I was thinking, God, I'd want to be having babies very close together to be using a double travel system, as the older one will probably have outgrown it at 2 and half or 3 - and they'd be going in the stroller at that stage. But then again what will I do on maternity leave with the second one if I want to go somewhere, I can't wheel a stroller and a pram! I can't decide whether to go for one that converts or just go for an ordinary single one... :duh: O:| O:| O:|
Scruffy Bear Posts: 31
[quote="jelly beans":1fpijw10] Ps I know most of the shops I mentioned were dublin based ones, but also found when we visited a place with nursery supplies in Wicklow they were really helpful – and had quite a wide variety which was good – also no links to particular brand![/quote:1fpijw10] hi jellybeans, could you tell me what the shop in Wicklow was called please?
Daff Posts: 11644
TBH everyones needs are so different that I wouldn't listen too much to those peopel around you. Have a good think of how you'll use your buggy and what for and go talk to people in the shops - not just one shop, different ones will push different buggies on you. For us, I do a lot of outdoor walking. I'd rarely go shoppign in a shopping centre etc. So I wanted rubber wheels that could be pumped and make the buggy easier to wheel. The plastic ones can crack and can be a very uncomfortable for LO goign over bumps. I also wanted something easy to put together that I didn't have to worry about unfolding etc. It had to have a pram part for when DD was tiny and vitally important that the car seat would fit on to it. I had a saloon car so size wasn't too much of an issue - DH's is hatchback and it still fits in perfect without having to take a wheel off - try the demo one in the boot before you buy to make sure. We got the Quinny Buzz. Only complaint I had was that the shopping basket is quiet small and I'd usually walk to supermarket, but the back bag you get with it fits a good amount even though it doesn't look like it - a bottle of wine and litre of milk plus smaller items! Now we're heading for number two we have a double buggy got. I'll still hopefully use the Quinny and put LO in a sling for a while, but will use double buggy when out and about for a good while.
poppy1deux Posts: 228
double post
poppy1deux Posts: 228
Hey Bee07 This is such a hard decision there is such a choice out there, i don t think i know anyone who is 100% happy with their buggy. Was in mothercare at the weekend and the girl told me that the quinny is the best seller. any of the girls with know with one have bought strollers once baby turned a year so i couldnt justify spending that money for 1 year. i had a maclaren xlr for my first baby, did not get the seat to match so never had a travel system but loved the maclaren and so did baby. it was a stroller from birth and my 3yr old still uses it when hes too lazy to walk. For 2nd baby i borrowed a quinny for a few wks and found the chassis heavy and hard to fold, certainly couldnt do it with one hand like the maclaren. but i did like the fact that it was a travel system. My lo is now 4 months and i bought an out and about nipper 360 for off road walking and just love it, she loves it too as she can kick more (finds the maxi cosi quite restrictive).it so light, easy to fold and wide for lo and my 3yr old fits in it so i know ill have it for a while,so it really depends on you and your needs. Do you walk in country or footpaths and shopping centres? for country a 3 wheeler with pumped wheels is great for town a regular 4 wheel buggy or stroller from birth is good and you can hang lots of bags of the 2 handles do you want baby to face you? then a travel system is ideal are you planning on having 2 babies together? maybe consider a phil and teds explorer or icandy the list is endless hope some of that helps though happy shopping
jelly beans Posts: 170
hi scruffybear - sorry for delay couldnt log in from home. it was in Arklow actually - Bolands. they have big nursery section upstairs, and the lady was so helpful, gave us demonstration of loads of different types and features of all of them. Also have some lovely furniture sets - must pop back once i let myself start buying things!! :o0