What casual styles during pregnancy

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dion Posts: 986
Ladies maybe you can help. I am 4months preg, up about 1stone (think this is to much), feel absolutely huge and not nice in myself. Clothes all to tight, don't know what to be wearing, feel like I'm wearing leggings every day I'm not in work, any better ideas. Pregnancy doesn't really suit me, feel that bad about how I look &what I wear its making me not want to leave the house. Sorry for this rant, any tips I would greatly appreciate. X
LoveActually Posts: 106
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Dion try not too feel too down. I found the 3-5month stage quite hard as the bump isn't quite a bump and on me it just looked like I'd gotten fatter! I wouldn't disregard leggings. I found them great with tunic type tops and dresses as they would sit under the bump and the tunics were often empire line so would flow over the belly. Maternity skinny jeans or even regular maternity jeans with vest tops and long cardigans were brilliant too especially with a scarf on top. Another one is casual dresses with tights and as it gets warmer leggings, pumps, a nice cardigan again and a scarf. I didn't enjoy being pregnant either but I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort to look nicer as I think it would have picked me up a bit.
Grey Alien Posts: 699
The seasons are changing now but I've been wearing figure hugging maternity tops (some are long) from H&M, Red Herring (Debenhams) and New Look. I didn't like flowy / baggy tops as they just make you look like you're trying to hide a belly rather than a pregnancy. I also wore maternity skinny jeans from Penneys with knee boots and bootcut maternity jeans from Next. I just mixed and matched a combination of these (sometimes even with black leggings) and threw cardigans over vest tops as well. You learn as you go. Not all branches of these shops will have maternity instore so make sure you find out in advance before you arrive.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
Best thing I bought was a stretchy black skirt. I wore it all the time. In summer with sandals and a T shirt, in winter with tights and boots. Denim skirt from a maternity brand also got lots of wear with tight tops and flowy cardigans.
dion Posts: 986
Thanks a lot ladies for replies. Some lovely ideas here. I do need to pick myself up & try a little harder with my appearance. Im sure I look fine to others just cant help but feel down..anyway im sure this will pass. .
Asscher Posts: 732
Check out Pinterest. Search casual maternity looks etc. You will get some great ideas and the visual helps. Before you go shopping look through the different looks and decide what you like and what you want to buy. Then think of colours that go together so you can mix and match a bit. I do this now when clothes shopping rather than just buying things I like and then you get home and nothing works together. I also feel better in fitted clothes. I feel a bit lost in flowy tops. A couple of new outfits will perk you up and with a nice blow dry and make up done you'll be feeling great in no time.
atlantis2014 Posts: 33
I didn't know penneys did maternity jeans. Was this recently?
wollysocks Posts: 1773
sent you pm