what clothes for baby for stay in hospital after birth

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi girls, just question bout hospital... I know what to bring in labour bag and hat, mits babygrow nappies etc for baby after labour but how many outfilts,bibs etc you packing for baby for hosp stay? baby due in May..what will he/she be wearing in hosp? and how many will they go through etc..tks
maymommie Posts: 109
Hi I'm due in may aswell, started packing my bag at the weekend. Will we need to bring bibs? So far i've put in about 9vests and 9babygro's. I've bought someother cute neutral outfits but not sure whether to put them in?
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
vests and babygrows they puke and poo everywhere for the first while!!! babygrows are just easier!!! also most new babies hate being put in cute outfits they are way more comfortable in babygrows
snuggler Posts: 1296
Yea, have lots and lots of babygrows..plan to use these..so does baby wear short sleeved vest and babygrow? May birth so just wondering heat wise in hosp? plan to bring bibs alright maymommie, lots of them!!
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
yep short sleeve vests babygrows and bring a hat too! you will only use bibs if bottle feeding.
snuggler Posts: 1296
Oh really, didn't know that!I plan to breast feed...got loads of bibs!! wally ..anyway , I'm sure they'll be used at some stage! Tks for advice, really appreciate
Daff Posts: 11644
You'll use the bibs BFing too, as they still spit up etc and are handy to have. Especially just for mopping up, or placing under head after a feed just in case. Also DD tends to let extra milk in her mouth when BF and then spitting it out. It was going down her neck onto babygro and vests so I use bibs. Bring in loads of vests and babygros to hospital and have some out for DH to bring in too in case you run out. Couldn't believe how often I changed her for the first week! Also bring a few pillow cases. Put them under babies head, and then when they get sick you can turn it around etc. One thing I didn't know when DD was born was that they have mucus in their lungs that they spew up the first few days.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I presume hospital will be warm, so presume short sleeve vest and babygro will do in hospital (will also have blanket around baby). MIL told me to get an all in one out door suit even if it is May as baby can't initially regular it's own body temperature. This is a good list of what to bring to hospital. [quote="daffodil bride":2m6w0zid]Bring in loads of vests and babygros to hospital and have some out for DH to bring in too in case you run out. Couldn't believe how often I changed her for the first week! [/quote:2m6w0zid] When you say loads of vests and babygros, how many are you talking about per day?
Daff Posts: 11644
I was in for 19 hours (early transfer home scheme) and think we went through 5! Been through 4 so far today!
poster Posts: 311
You will fly through vests and babygro's in the first few weeks with a new baby, with puking and nappy accidents you cannot have too many of either!! Took ds's old vests and babygro's down from attic this evening, will wash them at the weekend pack about 10 of each and leave the rest in spare room ready for dh to bring in to hospital in case I run out or have a long stay, had emerg c section on ds1. I was looking at the all in one snowsuits in dunnes earlier and wondered if it would be too much in May? I remember bringing ds home in a 0-3 month snow suit in November 08 and he was lost!! The sleeves were miles to big for him!! I got a gift of a fleece suit for ds1 from debenhams, might look to see if they have a neutral colour I could bring this babs home in? Not as heavy as the snow suits but snuggly warm. Hoping for a heat wave this summer!! Fingers crossed! Regarding bibs, I had loads of them for ds1 and bf, never used them, I did use the muslin cloths they were handy for covering shoulders when winding ds, and for wiping any drools!