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Missy2010 Posts: 148
Hi Girls, just wondering what colour your bridal bouquet is going to be? Are you sticking with cream/white, are you having it the same colour as the bm dresses or are you going for a totally diff colour??? Im having gerbera daisys but not sure if ill just have cream/white as the girls are in a lemon/buttercup colour and it may be very hard to match this colour but im afraid the cream/white will be very bland.....would love to know what others are doing, thanks :wv
mrsdribbles Posts: 431
Im having gerberas too missy!!! I just loooove them! :heartbeat: Im having bottle green BM dresses so Im going with a brilliant white gerbera and possibly and Orange gerbera also! but the Orange gerbera for my bouquet, the girls having 2 big gerberas back to back (does that even make sense!) *) *)
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Hi Missy - not long for you to go now, you must be very excited!!! I'm looking at having gerbera daisies too - they're gorgeous flowers!! My BMs are wearing royal blue and FGs wearing hot pink so at the moment I'm thinking of BMs with pink flowers. FGs with blue and me with a mix of both - love the idea of having something a bit different than cream roses, white lillies etc!
justwaitin Posts: 2462
im thinking i want red roses, think the cream roses are a bit bland and boring.
Missy2010 Posts: 148
Yeah Miss-Dribbles I know what you mean bout having them back to back, kinda like this.... [img:16jedajd][/img:16jedajd] I want them like this too!! Mixing both colours together sounds lovely ohsotired, maybe i will do something like that, mix the cream and lemon for my bouquet....i too want something different from the normal lillies etc and i love Gerberas i think they are such summery flowers .....we are just under 3 weeks to our wedding and im so excited and nervous, your not too far behind me!!!! :)
purdy Posts: 199
ooooh i'm having them too!! i love them, and little daisies for my flower girl...her ones literally look like they've been picked from the garden, they're so cute! daisies are the happiest little flower! :)
Missy2010 Posts: 148
ah purdy that will be sooooo cute having baby daisies for your flowergirl :)
frostypiglet Posts: 78
Hi girls, I'm going with cream roses with brown ribbon to match my bridesmaids very traditional I know but it's nice and neutral and will go with the wedding colourscheme
sunray Posts: 198
I'm doing something like these, cream is going to look white against my dress os gloing for colour instead, The girls are in red like the pics so will hopefully be nice
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
We're having pink gerbera daisies as our main flower. Then for my bouquet I'm having cream roses and then my bridesmaid is having mixture of the daisies and roses