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Emomc Posts: 2069
Thanks for that everyone esepcially the swatches Woodstock. Going to get some paint samples this weekend. You all have great taste Re waiting to paint the room-we have the nursery furniture ordered you see and it is coming in 6-8 weeks so need to have the nursery done, as I will be using it for clothes etc. Also knowing the sex wont make a difference (we do know anyway) as I dont wat to go down the pink or blue route.
lovin motherin Posts: 175
Snap, our whole house is painted cream because it is newly built and it was just easier to go with cream than having to pick colours for each room!! I think we are going to leave the nursery cream! I have a little idea that I think I might do. I was thinking of gettting loads of canvas's all different sizes (no bigger than A4 size) In square and rectangle and painting them loads of different colours, mostly pastel shades and puting them up on one wall!! No doubt it is not everyones taste but I tought it would be a little different! BUT knowing me I will probably change my mind in a few weeks! Happy painting!!