What colour should be my theme???? bridesmaids dresses

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Fallenout Posts: 147
So I'm wearing my mothers wedding dress :thnk and i have no idea what colour of off white it'll be after dry cleaning. I'm fair/freckled with auburn hair and blue eyes. So no pinks/reds!! I'm getting married at the end of spring (april 24 2010). :o)ll spring colours? My two bridemaids have brown hair and blue-grey eyes and have fair-freckled skin. What kinda colours in dressed should i be looking at. Anyone getting married/ got married in April? What colours are you useing?
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Burnt Orange .......Baby Blue.........Sage Green .........Teal....Black..... To be honest you will never know what suits until you bring the BMs in to try on dresses....
ms organised Posts: 1069
I have to agree with doll face, you're better off going into a shop with an open mind and trying several colours. I do this teal and light blue would be nice though... Best of luck! O-O