what could i get him to do

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rocj Posts: 799
hi i have a bit of a prob. i have a six year old godson and would love him to have some part in my wedding. my page boy is three and my flower girl is four. would it look weird to have two page boys. could i get something simple for my godson to read or something. any help would be great or any ideas. thanks girls
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
How about having him as the ring bearer?
rocj Posts: 799
hi jess2010 thanks for that i could do that. is that not what the page boy would do though. im a bit confused
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
Oh I dont know sorry!! It prob is (I'm new to this :-8 ) How bout handing out mass booklets? Also your idea of getting him to read something is lovely. Maybe a short and sweet prayer of the faithful
rocj Posts: 799
ya me too dont know who is supposed to do what. we will get there though. ya i am going to look for a prayer or something like that. thanks for your help.
pyjama queen Posts: 8
Why dont you get him to present you with a horseshoe either at the chapel or at the reception (during the speeches)??
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
we're having two pageboys, my godson and his brother (my nephews) and we're having a flowergirl aswell. both nephews did pageboy for my sister and one of them thinks he's doing it for me aswell so I couldn't leave him out, they is only a year between them (6&7). :lvs
rocj Posts: 799
hi thanks for the replies girls i think i will go ahead and have the two page boys. it will be nice to have him as part of the main wedding party especially for photos
MeSB Posts: 3785
midnightqueen Posts: 582
We are having a junior bm and A junior Best man. Our Junior Best man will be 7. Maybe you could ask your godson to be a Junior bestman. You dont have to couple him with a junior BM just let him stand beside the bestman/men.