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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Heya! Just wondering if anyone can help me with something. Since waking up on Sat morning i've had this awful pain in my back. Is not my lower back its like its the upper part of my spine is aching when i laugh, cough or sneeze. I've had a little bit of sniffle for the last couple of days so not sure if its connected. I don't know if its how i'm sleeping or what but its so annoying. When i take a deep breath in i can feel an ache. Has anyone ever had this or know what it is? Thanks x
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I know you can get upper back pain but i think thats more likely in later pregnancy when your carrying a heavy load! Could you have a chest infection or something? might be worth calling into a pharmacist and ask their advice - might suggest going to doc but no harm in asking.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
You might have done something to your muscles - probably not pregnancy related :o0
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
If you think its baby related then ring the hospital and they'll advice whether it needs to be checked out. To be honest it doesn't sound baby related. Might be worth a visit to gp. If its a chest infection, it won't go of its own occur.
Waiting24 Posts: 355
I had this pain too for a while during my 8th week (or was it my ninth?) The nerves that take messages from your uterus also send messages to your upper thorax and your diaphragm (and also your shoulder). These nerves are very simple nerves and their roles can get confused. So, when your uterus is stretching you can get a sharp pain under your ribs (at the front or at the back). Or when you move or stretch your diaphragm (cough, laugh, sneeze or take a deep breath) it can also be irritated Its kinda like someone getting pain down their arm when actually its their heart giving out. NOw its nothing as serious as that and its prob just stretching pain. Mine is gone now anyway!! This might be complete rubbish but I did look into my pain when I had it. Hope this helps. If it doesn't clear up, go to your gp... It does sound like diaphragm irritation so it could also be a chest infection...