What currency is best for Thailand

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pronovias bride Posts: 6
Hi , Can anyone tell me whether i should use US dollars or Thailand currency? Thanks
Hamptons Wife Posts: 466
Hiya, :wv We went to Thailand abou 3 years ago and used the Thai Baht. You get great value for money.
so_clear Posts: 397
You can withdraw Thai baht from the ATMs there, but we brought 100 dollars to have at the back of the wallet in case of emergencies...never needed it, but it was nice to know it was there!
Excited Bride to be Posts: 29
I used US Dollars for booking flights & trips. Baht was perfect for paying for meals & tipping,etc.
rachael12 Posts: 23
Hi Pronovias, There really is no need to bring dollars as euro is as widely (if not more so) accepted everywhere. Have been to Thailand 3 times & bring cash (€) with us as there are safes in every hotel room & we change the money as we go. Order about €100 from bank here before we go to pay for 1st day (taxis from airport etc) Otherwise ATMs are widely available & convenient. Deffo don't bother changing to dollars as there's no need & you will be charged 2 lots of comission for changing.... HTH Rach