What did you/do you call your parents?

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Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
There's been a few posts about how calling people Mommy or Mummy isn't 'Irish', all in good fun of course! I guess it depends on the inflexion or regional accent how it comes out. So were you a Mammy and Daddy family? Mum and Dad? Mam? We called our parents Mammy and Daddy, but when we went into our teens we called them by their first names and still do. I really don't want himself calling me 'Mammy' in front of the sprog, I'd rather be Mammy to the kids and my name to him. I find it a bit weird when people refer to Mammy or Granddad when they mean their spouse. So what way did your family roll?
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
When we were younger it was Mammy and Daddy. Now its Mum and Dad. Dad always calls Mum by her 1st name and if he is referring to her (or vice versa) to us he'll say 'Ask your mother' etc. Kind of creeps me out when adults call each other Mammy and Daddy - you're not each others parent! Reminds me of the Friends episode when they're all out and Ross calls Rachel Mommy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fhDa8dkVMA
tassajara Posts: 723
We call our parents by their first name, even when we were little kids.
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
We all always called our parents by their first names ie. real names not Mam, Dad etc. Not really sure why, think they preferred it that way. Meh! Not sure what way I'd do it myself but definitely agree I find it a bit weird when a man refers to his wife as "Mammy"....friends of parents do this and gives me the shivers! I think I'd like my kids to call to me "mum" though....you have only one person in the word you can say that to like
LittleLily Posts: 3682
We called them Mammy and Daddy when we were younger. It kind of shortened as we got older from Mammy to Mam. Now they're Ma and Da. My Dad used to hate "Mom" because he kept hearing the Ross O'Carroll Kelly types using it. Hubby has always called his parents by their names unless he's referring to them in a conversation with someone who doesn't know this. Can't remember my mother or father calling each other Mammy or Daddy unless as SW says, they were talking about each other. This has got me wondering though. They must have called each other Mammy and Daddy at some stage otherwise how would we have known to call them that? I remember my Mum minding her friends little girl a few mornings a week when we were kids. The LO was an only child and she must have just been at the age where she was starting to string a sentence together. She started calling our mother, "Mammy" because all of us were. She obviously thought that was her name, but how would she have learned to call her own mother Mammy unless she saw someone else doing it?
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
We called them Mam and Dad, and still do. I occasionally call my mother 'Ma' now (in a cool ironic way, you understand :) ) When speaking to us and referring to each other they would say 'Mam' or 'Dad' (e.g. "Dad's going to be home soon"), but never when speaking directly to each other - I agree that's a bit weird!
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Ours are mum and dad and I don't remember if we called mum mammy when were small but dad was always dad. They would never call each other mum and dad though. Its usually "ask your mother" or "ask your father" etc. Dad calls his mother "mom" as do his brothers and sisters but not in the half american way iykwim. I do know people who would talk about mommy and dad and they mean each other. Its not something I would do and their kids are in their 30s but thats their choice.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
I say Mom and Dad, as do both of my parents to their parents. The "Mom" comes from the Gaeltacht near where we're from, everybody in my town says Mom, my dad and his 50-65 year old siblings always say Mom about their mother, who at 90 has always used Mom too, so it drives me mad when people say it's an American thing, my uncles and Nan didn't have tv or leave their village never mind be influenced by American culture! A friend of mine is 30 and calls her parents Mammy and Daddy, it sounds a bit ridiculous IMO. The word mammy grates on me so much because I never grew up with it and I hate all the mammy stuff I hear now that I've moved away from my home county, the harsh sound of the "am" really irritates me after years of "Mom".
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Mom/mam and dad...
stylefreak Posts: 693
I call them by their first names, have done for years, all my siblings do too. They probably didn't like it to begin with but it has stuck. We all had a fractious relationship with my mum back in our teenage years so that was really what brought it about. My poor dad just got lumped in with the down-grading sadly. Although it was more affectionate for him. We all get along much better now but it's too late to go back to mum+dad really. Sometimes I still write it in cards though.