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Wannabamama Posts: 481
Girls, Just wondering when you broke the news to family and frined what did you say? Im pregnant? Im expecting? Im going to be a mammy? I keep playing it over in my head, cant wait to tell, im bursting. :hyper:
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
i'm pregnant.
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Ha, I hadn't a clue what to say. We've only told our parents but it was so hard. I felt like a teenager in trouble :o0 My mam had had a dream that I was pregnant and she told me a few days before I found out so I just said to her "you know that dream you had? Well you were right" She's over the moon and phoned my Dad to tell him. He then phoned me singing "Baby's got Blue Eyes" and "You're having a baby" He's sooooo funny :o0 :o0
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
We went to my parents and sat at the counter drinking tea. I said "we have some news for you" and Mammy said "Your pregnant!!!" i said "i am" and she said "your not you divil you!!!". We then went to his parents and in the middle of his Mam telling us something he blurted out "X is pregnant". It was great everyone was so thrilled and excited.
bluebell07 Posts: 182
When I was telling people i said I'd news and they guessed straight away so I didn't have to say it to many.... :eek :eek My DH had to tell his family so we called up and sat for about an hour before he finally said "X is 12 months pregnant" - everyone fell around laughing and I told him I wasn't an elephant........ :o0 :o0 (well I'm beginning to feel like one) [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:252atovg]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;18;102/st/20080220/dt/5/k/4dcd/preg.png[/img:252atovg] [/url] url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:252atovg]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/4;35;91/st/20071012/e/Scan/dt/6/k/4b0d/event.png[/img:252atovg] [/url]
agie Posts: 1107
i was the same as you - :-8 morto telling my folks.
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
I have it all planned out when it happens for me. Ther are these small books you can get in porters on Being a good Grandparent or something on those lines and I'm going to pick 2 up and wrap them and give one each to our parents. I have to get pregnant 1st but thats what I'm doing
Maybebaby1 Posts: 558
Hey vonnyoc that is exactly what we did for my mum, got her the good granny guide wrapped it up and gave it too her. She opened it and didnt get it straight away bless her! She then said ah sure have you got something to tell me and we were like well yes we have actually we are having a baby! She nearly passed out with the excitement!
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I have my BFP planned for Christmas and on Christmas day I am giving my parents a card to nana and grandad and signing it from bump. If I dont get my BFP at christmas I will bake fairy cakes and ice each one to spell out nana and grandad. Not that I have thought that much about it :o0 Hopefully I will get my wish... all I want for christmas is a BFP
Perci Posts: 3847
I said to my family 'we're going to have a baby' and DH said to his 'Augusta's pregnant'. I was the same playing it over in my head beforehand.