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mrsogtobe Posts: 43
i have to agree ..watching it last night i found it disturbing that no one did something about this..he is just a fat old pervert preying on young boys in dire circumstances with his money.. I makes me so angry watching him talk about how he helps these young men ... God love the one's he has "helped".. they are as naive as an 8 yr old here in comparisson.. Oh I could just go on and on ... did u see him wink at the young boy when they were out for ice cream... eh..PERVERT! I hope his poetry is taken off the curriculum.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Roxanne's point above pretty much sums up what I think. I am also disturbed by the whole anti-gay slant that has been put on this - it's nothing to do with whether these people were male or female. It would be equally deplorable for Cathal O Searcaigh to have used his wealth, status and consequent power to seduce teenage women in this way. I did hear on The Last Word that they may repeat it because there was a power outage in Bloody Foreland last night, so a lot of the locals coudn't see the documentary.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
That's mad about the power outage Pomegranate - our reception wavered a few times here in Galway and my first thought was Conspiracy Theories!!! I agree with you on the anti-gay issue - I feel like that has been used as a complete smokescreen. It's astonishing to me the lengths some people are going to in order to defend the indefensible.
rainyday Posts: 609
I don't live in Ireland, so I hadn't heard anything about the documentary. I wonder if the Department of Education will take his poetry off the Leaving Cert curriculum in light of these revelations. (Are they revelations or was it public knowledge?) That is, of course, if his work is still on curriculum, they could have changed the syllabus since I did my Leaving!
ticking clock Posts: 20
I have to say i found it disturbing...he just gave me the chills. Even the way he spoke ugh! However, i do have an issue with the programme, I think those boys were exploited by it...if they had been Irish boys there is NO WAY they would have shown their faces, they would have been blacked out or something. I completley agree with the premise of the programme(ie to show how sick and aparently "deluded" that man is) but I do feel that those boys may not have had any of what they let themseves in for....and how many people could potenially regonise them....I just felt uncomfortable seeing their faces