What do bestmen do???

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candypants Posts: 8575
I got this question about OUR wedding from our bestmans girlfriend!! She wanted me to tell her what her boyfriend should be doing at out wedding. Really, why ask me this?? Surely im the last person to ask.............right??
DrDia Posts: 172
That's a random question for her to ask. Unless the bestman was unsure but didn't want to ask so got her to approach you about it.
lilybelle Posts: 424
maybe he is just unsure what your expectations are of him other than the speech, he probably a bit embarressed about asking but maybe he sees his role in one way and wnats to check that thats waht you had in mind. if you have anything that you want him to do then now would be a good time to ask as it is your wedding. our best man did nothing in the lead up and very little on the day but then that was the nature or our wedding but other people may expect more of their bridal party to ensure you have a really special day and who better than to decide that than you
Boo2012 Posts: 315
I would agree that maybe he is unsure of what is expected of him. Maybe he wants to be sure he doesn't leave out anything important.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'd say its just a case of your BM not being sure what YOU expect of him, and they've been discussing it and she's running it by you. I wouldn't make anything of her asking the question. In fact at least he is showing an interest. We've got the worlds most disinterested Best Man.