what do i ask the priest???

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skittles Posts: 1312
we're meeting our priest tonight for the first time to get a definate date (have provisionally booked with hotel already). up until last week i had our wedding booked in lanzarote and didnt have to worry about things here but obviously now i do. just wondering what exactly i need to find out off him.i havent a clue where to start,what to ask etc and dont want to think of things i should have said when i back home tonight O:|
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Hi, We haven't found our priest yet but when i do heres some of my questions 1. can we have our mass without the celebration of the eucharist (my H2B is not Catholic) 2. does he have a list of readings etc. to choose from 3. What sort of music are you allowed, is it religious music only 4. can you throw petal confetti outside the church 5. can whoever normally does the church flowers do some on the day, for a bit of dosh 6. can we have the lighting of the ubity candles These are just off the top of my head if i think of anymore ill get back to you