what do i get her for chrismas?

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cinderbride Posts: 12
i am only friends with her around 9 mts so i dont knew her to well should i get her some thing and what would you get?
tarvalon Posts: 142
mad woman Posts: 22106
perfume... smelly set (shampoos bath foam etc) or a book voucher..
cinderbride Posts: 12
a girl i meet in my job
tarvalon Posts: 142
who? edited - sorry this posted twice...
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Is this before or after you meet up with the guy you met on a sight-being a single gal and all :? see other post today :?
*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
or a Boots voucher - you cant go far wrong with this - atleast she can use it on something she likes!
rose petal Posts: 307
Hi, Is this like a girl friend or just a friend?. I would give her a xmas card and wish her Merry xmas ! Unless your relationship is more than work collegues and u meet outside work . I would suss out to see will she get you something and if so then give her a voucher its the safest :wink: O-O RP
cinderbride Posts: 12
started in my job mts ago and met her in there we get on weel now just thinking about what i should get her she is just a frend sorry for spelling mistakes i can not type to good