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chicabride Posts: 453
OK I have nothing against any of the pregnant/trying to get pregnant or Mammys here..I am a Mammy myself but when I log into weddings online it reads more like a parenting website than a wedding website. My own day has come and gone but when I was planning I liked to read active topics and most of it would be taken up with parenting/ mum to be questions. I understand the dynamic of this Forum have changed and that alot of the planning ladies from years ago have moved on and are now Mammys or are trying to get pregnant and that they have added more subsections to cover this but it would be really great if you could opt out of seeing them if you wanted. I hgave answered questions on parenting/being pregnant I am not against them being on this forum I just wish I could opt out of seeing them in the active topic boards. Like if there was a checklist when you register of what you would like to see and you could opt in or out.. am I alone in thinking this? Again no disrespect meant to any of the Mammys and the ladies in waiting.
Fruice Posts: 677
Yeah, I find it pretty annoying. I'm planning my wedding, have no interest in kids. Every time I go to active topics it's nothing but babies, pregnancy, kids, etc. I've often opened it and had literally 1 or 2 threads actually about weddings on the first page, the rest being kid related. It's very frustrating, and boring, I'm planning a wedding, so visit a wedding website, not a baby one. There's another wedding forum I look at that has a separate tab for parenting stuff, which is great. The option is there for members that want it but the rest of us aren't stuck scrolling for ages through irrelevant stuff.
holyshitballs Posts: 851
When I was planning I just checked old faithful and off topic mostly because I was only interested in those forums, changed to New topics around wedding time when all was planned. There will always be threads you're not interested in which is why it's handy you can break it down like that.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
I think when you click on 'Active Topics' it can appear that way now and again. Many of the regular users since my time have shifted into the early stages of parenting after pregnancy, and there's a natural spike in chat among them on the topic. They contributed to keeping the off topic chat going, and in fairness to them they still chip in on the meatier to the mundane. Occasionally there will be a glut of controversial parenting related topics that make they're way on to Off Topic, which can feel like overkill, even to me, but pregnancy chat tends stays within the confines of the designated area. So what can you do other than start a few topics maybe?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I do miss the days when threads like this: thursday-wedding-unfair-to-guests-t194054.html?nomobile=1 would hit 19 pages. Good times.
bee0606 Posts: 691
I completely agree as well. There are multiple sub forums that are wedding related and the easiest way to see what's new is active topics but there is just so much pregnancy and kids stuff that it's quite off putting. Obviously there is huge value in the pregnancy and kids forums because it keeps people on the forum so they can share their wedding experiences but having some kind of separation or opt in would be great.
JustJess Posts: 368
I was thinking the exact same thing today! I also use active topics and it is full of topics about kids. As a previous poster said it would be good to opt out of those Another reason why I am logging on less and less is when I look into a thread it now only show s ten replies per page.It just annoys me And I'm getting bored a lot of the topic s as ive read them over and over. That says more about me than the posters. For me ita getting time to move on
LittleLily Posts: 3682
[quote="JustJess":3vksrqz6]Another reason why I am logging on less and less is when I look into a thread it now only show s ten replies per page.It just annoys me [/quote:3vksrqz6] That annoys me too. Particularly as 90% of the time now I'm on my phone. Pages spend more time being loaded than they do being read. I think the site updates etc. have succeeded in scaring away a lot of new people so its just left people who joined long ago, the ones who had already developed a WOL addiction and were willing to see out the teething problems.
Excitedme Posts: 171
Totally agree with this too. This is a wedding website and While i can see how people have transitioned into baby/pregnancy stage of their lives and have kept their WOL obsession going these threads have almost completely taken over the active topics! I find myself logging in and scrolling through active topics often scrolling through a couple of pages of threads before I see anything that even remotely interests me as its all baby talk and I am still in wedding planning stage!! Not interested in pregnancy etc right now. There are plenty of other forums for that! Really getting annoyed with it and find myself logging on less and less and logging on to another forum website with a separate baby/pregnancy section a lot more! Hope admin can do something about this as I love WOL!!
atina Posts: 2240
I never found this when I was getting married as if I only wanted to see wedding topics I just logged into old faithful! If I was the type of person who found parenting and baby talk annoying then I would just stick to the topics I had an interest in by clicking into them rather then active topics