What do they test for - urine sample

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Solar Powered Posts: 548
Just curious, when the hospital take a urine sample from you at each appointment, what so they use it for? Testing for infection or sugars or other?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Not sure if its the same but at my appointments I had to pee on a pee strip each time that had 2 line, one for sugars and one for protein. Guessing its similar. Ketones is another possibility but I don't think they check that unless there's a concern such as extremely bad morning sickness.
starting over Posts: 62
As far as I know they are testing for any sign of infection such as nitrites or white blood cells, sugar which can indicate gestational diabetes or later on protein which can indicate preeclampsia. Urinary infections can be common in pregnancy but need to be treated promptly to avoid kidney infection developing. It's also normal to have a certain amount of protein and sugar in your urine. Your kidneys work extra hard in pregnancy. These tests are important to keep an eye on any problems which may be developing unknown to yourself.
Solar Powered Posts: 548
Thanks ladies, just was wondering. Have my file now and no mention in it of any results so was nosy.