What do u think of this boys name?

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MrsGPants Posts: 835
What do you think of the boys name Rian? For some reason I'm drawn to names starting with 'r' and I'm really stuck for boys names, this is the only one that's appealing to me at the mo. Is this a bit too 'up your own h*le' of a name? Will I get a load of 'that one trying to be different' comments? Alternative suggestions most welcome :thnk :thnk
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I think it's lovely. It's a name I really like but we can't use it as hubby is Welsh and Rhiain in Wales is a girls name. I also like Finn and funny enough, know 2 little boys call Finn and Rian! I don't think it's "up your own h*le" at all.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Is it another spelling of Ryan or is it pronounced ree-an? I know of a Rian and a Finn born in the past few weeks - I love the name Finn but not mad on Rian although I do like Ryan!!
geeklover Posts: 831
I think it's nice and have come across it before (and not loads of times either, in case you're worried about it being TOO popular) as the Irish version of Ryan.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Rian is a lovely name. other names beginning with R which you may like: Rory. Ruairi Ronan Ryan Richard Robbie :wv
wifetob Posts: 936
I think it's a lovely name - it may be on my shortlist seems to be the only one we can agree on right now - but we've along way to go!