what do u think of this price????????

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*star* Posts: 102
120 pocketfold wedding invitations 100 personalised chocolate bars 50 personalised candles in organza with bow 50 cinderella glass slipper with love hearts in organza bag 25 table numbers table plan for 200 guests personalised unity candle and 2 personalised side candles with bride and grooms name £490 sterling I just want an idea if this price is ok Thank you :wv
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
it sounds like a good enogh price to me your getting quite a lot for it so yea i think its good price :wv
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
hi, to get an idea of whether the price is good, try to get an idea of how much all of these items would cost elsewhere, e.g. pocketfolds will normally be quite expensive but giving a conservative price, i will say €4 so that will be €480 on their own, of course i may be wrong! i've seen personalised choc bars at in or around €1 each, again being conservative, this would be €100 candles would be at least €3 each... €150 even these on their own are more than what you are being charged (£490 = €567 (XE.com) total cost so far (€730) i think you got a great price!
*star* Posts: 102
Thank you for your replies I realise now that it is a great price because if i was to buy them seperately as the op said i'd prob pay double and its great that i am getting all these things from the one supplier. so thank you for putting my mind at ease :wv
14082010 Posts: 2103
Hey can i ask were you are getting them from :ooh Sounds like a deal >:o)
*star* Posts: 102
Hi callie07 im getting them from a girl called debbie she works from home she is based in killea just 5 minutes from derry her website is . it is good value but i just wanted to be reassured as i havent priced anyone else and have no idea of the typical costs of these types of things hth
sinead266 Posts: 914
hi, have you got a phone nmber for this place as their contact page on her website doesnt work and im looking to get some unityt candles from her thanks