What do you find sexy about men?

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Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
A really sexy smile gets me everytime! :xxx
mammybean Posts: 10364
The smell of my man and know in he can and will protect me! so so so much more
Anonymous Posts: 24542
the way they fart. :lvs :lvs :lvs
mammybean Posts: 10364
and then stick your head under the covers :hic
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Oh I know what you mean about the driving Moo 2! It's always the bodies that get me - i have a very definate type. I love when a really toned guy stretches and their top comes up and you see a lovely muscly belly and hips and that line of hair going down..............sigh! And I love a sexy smile. and the way some men smell ( not the farters ! ). I've been known to almost follow a man down the street who smells good!
mad woman Posts: 22106
eyes and smile.
Dcd Posts: 1471
[quote="MRS Mad Woman":1miojgzs]eyes and smile.[/quote:1miojgzs] Same here! And a nice smell.
mammybean Posts: 10364
soldiers - oh ya!
justforfunsies Posts: 2502
eyes, smile, arms, scruffiness (ie the whole five o'clock shadow thing) and snail trail does it for me big time!!
Dcd Posts: 1471
[quote="justforfunsies":14iogkqo]snail trail does it for me big time!![/quote:14iogkqo] What's that?? :-8