What do you need in a cot?

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Dr of love Posts: 425
Is it just a sheet really for the mattress? What if that gets wet? I will get grobags and cellular blankets too of course but wondering what bedding is needed (bumper set, sheets etc.). Thanks in advance.
digsy Posts: 1257
a waterproof sheet that you can put under the sheet is vital i think cause if they ever do get wet it wont soak through to the mattress. All i had was a sheet over my waterproof, someone gave me a bumper set so i used that when LO's were small but took it off when they started to stand up etc. HTH
mamajen Posts: 2263
I have a sheet and a mattress protector, I also out a muslin under her head in case she spits up so the sheet isn't ruined. I have a couple of cellular blankets but I only use them for naps now cos she sleeps in a gro, bag at night.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
Most cot mattresses come with a removable waterproof layer that you can wash. You can get the sheet if you want, but my experience of ours was awful It felt like my baby was sleeping on plastic and I threw it out after one use. Cotton sheets. Get a bumper set if you want. We didn't as it can interfere with airflow. We only use blankets (nothing too heavy) for naps, baby sleeps in a bag. We had a memory foam pillow for babies, but other than that I'd suggest no pillows. Keep toys to a minimum obviously.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Never bothered with a mattress protector and never in 14 mts have we had an issue where the sheet or mattress got soaked! In early days I put a folded muslin cloth or pillow case under her head area as she used to spew up a lot and that did the job plus it was so much easier to change than a full sheet. Used a cot divider too as she was in her cot from day one and it just made it more cosy for her - used a bumper aswell put kept it off on one side so in the begining when I slept beside her I could see her, when she started wiggling more I got a breathable bumper. Would recommend a cot mobile, they wont need it for the first month if I can remember (prob a bit longer? amazing how you forget these things!) as it entertained her for a few mins while we left the room so she forgot we were leaving! We changed dd into grobags around 3/4 mts old but up to that used the cellular blankets.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I second the mobile!
Daff Posts: 11644
also second the mobile, although poor dd2 never got one. With the mattress protector. Be really careful it's an approved one. It shouldn't cover the whole matress in plastic, only there part where LO's body is. Where the head lies you need it to be a mesh so that the matress is breathable and air can get around LO's head. Increased risk of SIDS otherwise.