What do you think of gold wedding dresses????

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wedded bliss Posts: 303
I like gold coloured wedding dresses but I'm concerned that it might stand out too much or won't like a 'wedding dress'.....Are whites or ivory a better option??
Dub gal Posts: 382
I have seen a few gold dresses and they look fab especially in the winter as they are warm looking. Chocolate brown bridesmaids are lovely with gold dresses. To be honest once the colour suits you that's the main thing
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Gold Dresses are great, not for me personally cos im way to pale to pull it off, Dont worry about not feeling like its a wedding dress, I bet if you try a gold wedding dress you'll still feel like it is one, if its what you want go for it xx
.... Posts: 667
shiversmoy Posts: 635
Mine is light gold and I love it..i tried it on without any tan or makeup and it really suited my skin tone and Im quite pale.
angelicfi Posts: 6
I think they are gorgeous, I havent got my dress yet and will certainly be thinking of gold
Tibby Posts: 346
My dress was also a gold dress but in the photos it looks more creamy. you can see pics of it in my wedding report
emlo Posts: 1506
They can look great. It'll definately look like a wedding dress especially if you get the BM dresses in a colour that will compliment the brides dress