What do you think of our ceremony music choices?

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roisinmace Posts: 223
Ok, I've just sent them to our priest so hopefully he approves them all but what do you think? Entrance Processional: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. First Lighting of the Candle: The Prayer. Psalm: Mo Ghrá Thú. Second Lighting of the Candles: She moved through the fair. Offertory: Pie Jesu Sign of Peace: Down in the river to pray. Communion: To make you feel my love and Kissing You. Signing of the Register: Galileo (by Declan O’Rourke) & Run (by Snow Patrol). Recessional: You’ve Got The Love (by Florence and the Machine) Nervous about what you girls think!! x
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Honestly? I like one or two modern pieces for a church ceremony but wouldn't be mad on having lots of it :-8
roisinmace Posts: 223
Thanks ohsotired. I knew that by putting it out there I was open to people not liking our choices!! Thanks for the feedback but we feel that those music choices really represents us as a couple :lvs so we're happy out. Each to their own eh! :compress
luckyladee Posts: 2550
gotta say I kinda agree with ohsotired (especially for a church ceremony). I think that the music sung in a church should be sacred music. It's not often in our lives that we undergo sacraments so for me, having made the choice to get married in a catholic church, I felt it was only right to stick to sacred music during the ceremony. I reckon there are plenty of opportunities over the course of the day / night for the more secular stuff. So what I'm trying to say is - yes I like the songs you've chosen - but no I wouldn't have them in the church.
Pug Face Posts: 14
Hi roisinmace :wv I really like your song choices,I think you have a good mix of religious and more modern songs, and I have no doubt that you spent ages putting your choices together. I agree that certian parts of the mass should have hynms-communion, psalm etc. But the wedding is also a celebration and there is room to bring in some modern songs which reflect a young modern couple recieving the sacrement. We are hoping to have some modern songs / instrumentals of songs that are meaningful to us. I have spent a lot of time thinking about each hymn, song, reading , prayers of faithul .its importart to me to put the time in to this part of the day than any other. I'm a practising catholic and take the sacrement very seriously- having modern songs at my wedding isn't going to take away from this fact. I say go ahead and do whats right for you and H2b, it your day and will be special no matter what. Best of luck with it all! :)
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
You've a lot of modern songs in your selection - I'd be surprised if your priest will allow them all.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
I've no issue with the modern music if that's what you want. Just one thing to point out - the 'Pie Jesu' is traditionally a funeral song, the lyrics translate to "grant them eternal rest" and so on - this may not matter to you at all, but you might get a bit annoyed if people are pointing it out to you afterwards :) Best of luck with all the planning!
BusyLizzie Posts: 251
Love your choices!! I think they're fab. :lvs I walked up the Aisle to Elbow, One Day Like This and left to a country song from the movie Juno and the priest was grand. Well in fairness, I just showed him the Mass Booklet and he didn't really ask about the music! The Mass hasn't actually started when you walk up the aisle and is over when you walk down so your priest shouldn't have an issue with those bits. I also had Eva Cassidy Songbird in the middle and another song instrumental with a few hymns including Ava Maria. The Florence and The Machine song will be AMAZING at the end. :hyper: I know you asked for opinions but don't be too downhearted if people don't like them. You'll never please everyone! That's one thing I learned. But as far as I'm concerned, they're great choices
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I wouldn't be mad about them. I think for a church wedding you would be better off with hymns. The acoustics in churches made modern music sound very tinny.
DillieDallie Posts: 423
Hey there TBH I doubt your priest will allow this, our priest is the most laid back guy going but said, "you can have whatever contemporary music you like but during the ceremony itself it must be sacred music." So that means we are having our contempory music for walking up the aisle, signing the register and walking down the aisle. Communion is one of the most sacred parts of the ceremony, so I think he will definitely put his foot down over the choices you have there. HTH! :wv