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mrswhits Posts: 277
Brea for a baby girl? I really like it but FH isn't so sure. Basically I'm trying to incorporate my Mams name into babys name, she's Bridget though known as Breda so the only two names I could come up with were Bríd or Brea and I think I prefer Brea.... I'm very close to Mam and was always planning on at least baby having her name as a second name but I'm concerned our first choice girls name is a bit popular and I've gone off it abit (Lucy btw) - think it'd be lovely to honour her... Thoughts/opinions welcome :thnk
laidback Posts: 224
My friend shortened her name from Bridie to Brie & I think it's lovely, Brea is really nice, unusual & nice for your mam :)
DaisyDuck Posts: 29
Wow I love it..Such a pretty name..Go for it..
mrswhits Posts: 277
Thanks so much! How to convince FH now....
Muse Posts: 1580
I like slightly different names and the connection to your Mum is lovely. Go for it!
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Think the name is lovely, really sweet to use your mums name
televisionhead Posts: 92
Brea is a lovely name Bridín is another version I have heard lately
Dolliewollie Posts: 163
Its that pronounced Bree? Or Bray?
Flapjack Posts: 308
I am pronouncing it BRAY-a in my head.
mrswhits Posts: 277
I'm pronouncing it Breee-a, I used to know a girl with the same name and this is how she pronounced it too. God I didn't think there'd be confusion over how to say it! :-8