What do you think of this dress????

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Port Princess Posts: 1154
What do you think about this dress, I tried it on yesterday along with another 3 and even though I never would've pictured myself in it I liked it best out of all of them. Is it too much of a meringue??? http://www.morilee.com/DressDetail.aspx?C=1&D=2813&P=1 Sorry I don't know how to put a pic in I'm hopeless!! Laura
aylala Posts: 3673
Sorry Imbg it just wouldn't be my cup of tea at all, but if you like it and it suits you go for it
Yellow Elley Posts: 1522
It probably depends on how tall you are, I'm tiny, so I'd never pull it off.
Little Liv Posts: 92
Your wedding dress is all about how you feel in it! You have to love and I think it should make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when your in it -so if it does it for you go for it! Personally I don't like the dress but then I' m into more traditional styles and I wouldn't probably have the guts to go for something like that! If you like that is all that matters and brides who feel comfortable in whatever they wear on the day and are absolutely weak for themselves in their dress seem to give an aura of confidence and beauty or something like that! If you love it - go for it!!! ;)
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
WOW!! I have to say I love it but would never wear it!! I just wouldn't have the confidence to wear it! You will certainly make an entrance in it!!
icebaby Posts: 846
Not my cup of tea at all, sorry
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
I think its a fabulous dress. If you have the confidence and feel good in a dress, you can pull anything off and I do think this has a WOW factor to it!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
I think its lovely - and if I was getting married again I would definatley consider it, im 5ft 11 so I could carry it off ! If you like it go for it cos let me tell you a bride that is happy and comfy in her dress shows and it will be one less thing to worry about on the day. Follow your own instinct. MrsNoc05
aurora Posts: 1629
sorry I don't like the style, too voluminous for me. could look well if you're tall though.
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
I am sorry to say this to you but it would not be me. If you love it and you feel great in it then I would go for it as they are right its all about how you feel yourself..