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pluppy Posts: 3519
the top is lovely...
workingmom Posts: 3429
It'll look awful dated in the photographs. I like it, but I think it's more of a dress to look at than wear, meaning I don't think it is designed for the real world. I could wear it, I am tall, no problem but I think it would make me look like a circus tent.
Billyjack Bride Posts: 797
i have picked a dress that is the complete opposite of the elegant slim line fishtail dress i was going for s go for your life. if you think it is too meringue try it with a smaller hoop. i did this with my dress and it went from being 'Ilove this dress, if only it weren't so big' (Small aisle, dad and i will never fit up aisle, never mind in car) to 'OMG! it's like it was made from the dreams of my six year old self!!
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I don't think there's a hoop in it, it just seems to be loads of material and I mean LOADS I love the top and there was another one similar but with less on the bottom but the tope part was totally different. Anyone know of any good dressmakers?????????????? :) Thanks Laura
la esposa Posts: 1191
The tops gorgeous,as is the back but the skirt..i dunno,there's something about it that says "eat me"..sorry ,must be this diet I'm on... :roll:
Hi Imgb, I say go for it! The most important thing is how you feel in your dress. When I went for mine, I had an idea of what I wanted, and what I didnt want..... Came away with what I though I didnt want!!!!! But at the end of the day you should go with what suits you, and what you feel happy in, plus keep in mind that you'll never get the opportunity to wear a dress like that again!
*Amy* Posts: 5
For me its a no... But its not me thats wearing it, if you like/love the dress, then have it! Ultimately its you that matters! xx