What do you think of this pronovias dress??? opinions needed

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isparkle Posts: 43
hi Girls What do you think of this dress? its Pronovias Diana, Its for my wedding in December, Has anyone else tried it on? I love it, but now im having second thoughts, mostly because Im not sure anyone else will like it, What do you honestly think? [img:12jx3oer][/img:12jx3oer] [/img]
Mumbles Posts: 95
GORGEOUS.....its such a good style...its elegantly simple....!! A classic :-8
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
I personally dont like it, sorry :-8 . The material reminds me of curtains and looks very heavy. But remember, its what you like, and what you feel comfortable in so don't mind what anyone else thinks. What doesn't look nice on the model in the pic may look absolutely fab on you so try it on and see. Enjoy the shopping!
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
Love the style, don't like the material
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Love the style, very elegant but i dont like the material - Sorry.
2009 Bride Posts: 990
[quote="wouldntseemeinameringue":eryw2uw4]Love the style, don't like the material[/quote:eryw2uw4] I agree the style is beautiful, just wouldn't be gone on the material is all
isparkle Posts: 43
Thanks for the opinions girls, the print on the material in reality is not as obvious, it seems to stand out more the Pronovias pictures. I am worried now that people wont like it, and I know its not what other peple think, and usually I wouldnt care, but for my wedding I do care. I felt so good in it when I tried it on, even though its the last dress I thought id pick, I felt really pretty in it!
rubies Posts: 1375
What's the back like? I think it's lovely and those photos make it hard to judge what the material is like. I think it's lovely.
isparkle Posts: 43
It is hard to see what it looks like from the pictures, but I loved it at the time when I tried it and my sister who has seen me try on about 50 dresses loved it too but it is different from the normal strapless dresses. I love the back of the dress, its plain with buttons up the back, but I cant post a pic, but you will see it if you search for the style Diana on the pronovias website [/url][url] [/url]
montagne Posts: 1849
I dont like the material. I understand that it may not look like that in real life, but you have to bear in mind that your dress will be the most photographed thing you wear. It will look like wallpaper in your pictures.