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isparkle Posts: 43
now I am worried, I dont want to look like wallpaper or curtains!
montagne Posts: 1849
[quote="isparkle ":12jt6fpx]now I am worried, I dont want to look like wallpaper or curtains![/quote:12jt6fpx] Try it on and take a flash picture of it. Dont worry, there are plenty of dresses out there.
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Hi Isparkle I love the dress aswell but again the wallpaper effect in the pictures is offputting. Would you consider bringing the picture to a good dressmaker and getting it made in a different material? :wv
isparkle Posts: 43
I have ordered the Dress, and I loved it at the time and I had no doubts when I placed the order, Now all I have to go on are the website pictures. Im going to go and try it on again, im probably worrying about nothing. I remember when I looked at the website a few hours after I ordered it I thought that the print looked alot darker on the website. As I said its not something that I would have pciked out and I dont know what made me try it on but I loved it when I did.
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Well that is the main thing as long as you feel like a princess in it - then you know thats the dress O-O
kilkenny09bride Posts: 402
[quote="MrsWhippy09":3lu3d9jq]I personally dont like it, sorry :-8 . The material reminds me of curtains and looks very heavy. But remember, its what you like, and what you feel comfortable in so don't mind what anyone else thinks. What doesn't look nice on the model in the pic may look absolutely fab on you so try it on and see. Enjoy the shopping![/quote:3lu3d9jq] I'm with Mrs Whippy09, I don't like the dress it reminds me of curtains but then again you mightn't like what I would pick as my wedding dress. Did you have anyone with you when you ordered it, if they loved it on you then it must be fab.
minty08 Posts: 89
[quote="isparkle ":krff87jt] I felt so good in it when I tried it on, even though its the last dress I thought id pick, I felt really pretty in it![/quote:krff87jt] i think you've answered your question there. if it makes you feel special then go for it.
isparkle Posts: 43
My sister was with me when I ordered it, and she loved it too, and she is the one person I trust. I admit that the picture is not great the pattern really stands out. on the pronovias website the picture of the back of the dress is more like what the material is like in reality Anyway im going to stick with it, I tried on lots of dresses and this was the one I was happiest in.
windycity Posts: 2241
love the style but not the material. sorry!! :thnk
isparkle Posts: 43
Its funny, I was worried people wouldnt like the style, it didnt occur to me that they wouldnt like the material. And seems people like the style and just not the material. Would love to go and try it on again, just to make sure.