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Bridieshakleberry Posts: 21
My H2B is a liverpool supporter, always has been. I would love to get him tickets to go to a game but always feel they ar too expensive. See he has built our house and it was not easy something always went wrong. SO i want to give him something to say thanks. Now i would love to go to a game with him but his best frind who is his best man is a pool supporter too and the othr night said that he would ove to go too. Now i am thinking of getting them too tickets and sending them off as a thank you to him for the hous and thanks to his friend for his hellp and best man duties, wedding is not til august. His friend is our small mans god father too and has always been good to us. or will i just book for us to go ause we have not been away in two years. and are not going on honeymoon.
shala Posts: 1733
Hmmm at first I thought u should buy him and the friend the 2 tickets. But on hearing u are not going on honeymoon, I think u should try and do something special with ur h2b. Even just the weekend away *)
Bridieshakleberry Posts: 21
ya i know but everytime i try to suggest a weekend away he always says we will but not now cause we are up the wall. But he is right we like being out with our friends so if we got away we wouldnt know what to do with ourselves, dont get m wrong havent been out in weeks, i hope this makes sence