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stressed2009 Posts: 3
I’m a regular on WOL but going anon for this one as I have to 'let off steam'!! I'm just wondering if you think I am being a drama or am I right to feel upset & angry. Story is we got married abroad 2 years ago. We searched long and hard to find the 'perfect' place for us and eventually found this beautiful island that we both fell in love with. We got married there with a small group of our family & friends and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Now my MIL & FIL are going back there every summer. Last year they were there on our anniversary so we didn't go and this year they have even requested to stay in our exact villa that we had for our wedding. For me it just feels like they have taken over 'our special place' and we always said on our anniversary that we would go back and stay in the same place to re-live our wedding/honeymoon as such but for me that's ruined - I don't want to sleep in the same bed they have stayed in now - it's no longer our wedding bed it is where my in-laws have done god knows what in :eek . They are there at the moment so it's in my head and annoying me more and more! They copy everything we do anyway i.e. we did up our bathroom & 2 weeks later they are doing up theirs which happened to be almost identical to ours, there is a list of what they have copied but that I can cope with cos I think it's just sad but our wedding place is really getting to me :o( One part of me thinks I'm just been a drama and to get over it and the other part is thinking why with all the places in the world do they have to pick there! They don't even like that heat and it's over 40 degrees there there O:|
BeachBride Posts: 310
Oh no stressed! That would really p me off too. We got married abroad too and if my inlaws went back to our special place it would annoy me, but you can't tell people where to go on hols unfortunately! However, they obviously liked it and have happy memories of your wedding there and maybe try take it as a compliment??? The main problem I would have with all of this is the fact that they specially requested your villa! Like seriously??? What sort of tools are they? I could handle them going back to the place but specially requesting the villa is just wrong IMO! >:o( Like you said, it wouldn't feel the same for you knowing your inlaws spent their holiday in what you feel is your special villa. You poor thing. Maybe go somewhere different on your hols, rave about it to them say it was even better than your wedding venue and recommend they go there instead, so next year you can have your special place back!! If they're always copying you they'll probably fall for it!! BB xx
curlysu Posts: 811
Its one of those things that, if you think about it logically, there's no reason to be annoyed, its not like they're going to change the island in any way, but I would still be p'd off too !! And if its another thing in a line of things that they've copies, i understand that your disgusted. What does your DH think about the whole thing ?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Wouldn't bother me at all - yes it is your special place but it may now have become their special place too because that's where their son got married to you! I don't think any of us can want exclusivity over where we get married & I would take it is a compliment that they like where you chose so much!!
jellywellies Posts: 2268
[quote="ohsotired":26060l4j]Wouldn't bother me at all - yes it is your special place but it may now have become their special place too because that's where their son got married to you! I don't think any of us can want exclusivity over where we get married & I would take it is a compliment that they like where you chose so much!![/quote:26060l4j] i agree - take it as a compliment!! Their experience of the special place is a totally different experience from yours. Would try and not let it bother you!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
I suppose I could get over them going to the place itself but on your anniversary – that was low. Especially if they had known you had planned to do the same thing
spanishbride08 Posts: 413
I got married abroad last year, and so many people said they'd go back there again ... I'm only sad none of them are going to manage it this year because everyone is financially stretched at the moment. If people did go back, and even if they stayed in the same hotel room as us, it wouldn't bother me in the least - I'd be delighted for them and only jealous that I wasn't there at the same time to enjoy it with them. Take it all as a compliment that you chose a beautiful place that brings people back again and again due to the happy occasion you provided for your guests there. They probably booked the same villa because they knew it was nice and thought why go to the hassle of looking for somewhere else when we know this place is beautiful to stay in? There's safety in familiarity, especially for anyone that bit older than us like our parents generation. Unless you own the villa anyway, no-matter when you go back, plenty of other couples will have done god-knows-what in that same bed as well... sure you'd never sleep in another hotel room again if you thought about what's been going on there before you go there! :o0 :o0 :o0
Baby on board Posts: 136
I think its time to move on its not like ye were the first people to ever stay there. I do think you are being a bit of a drama queen.
stressed2009 Posts: 3
Thanks girls. Yeah I agree with you in that it's an island where anyone can go which is why I am 'trying' not to be annoyed and if any of the other guests went back one year I would be honoured but it's every year and i think that asking for our specific villa this year is what kinda topped it off for me. DH actually said it to me first aswell and I think that also made me think more as he seems abit put out about it too. i didn't get into it too much with him as I'm afraid I'll get all worked up and say something about his parents that I shouldn't!!! Earlier this year DH said to them that we were thinking about going back for our anniversary in July and the answer was 'oh lovely we can all go together this year' which is why we decided against it :o( I do like the idea of raving about another holiday as we are going away in a few weeks somewhere else - will have to get DH on board but I reckon he might. Only thing is they will probably have booked the villa for next year before they leave! Never mind I got my rant over me but god help us all if they come back and tell me they have booked the villa on our anniversary date next year as we have already said we are going back next year - I'll be back on here like a raving lunatic :o0
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I see where your coming from and I know if it was me (getting married in Altea) I would be pissed off if they went back there on our anniversary but as one poster said when you think logically about it there's not much to get upset about. I would take it as a complement..... and as another poster mentioned you can't tell people where to go on hols you could definitely say your plans included returning there on your anniversary..... In my opinion thats not an unreasonable request.... hope you feel better soon hun :xxx