What do you wear to a communion?

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redroses Posts: 714
H2b's nephew? Dont want to get dressed up and im not feeling to hot at the moment so i havent a clue what to wear :-8 was thinking black jeans with heels and a blouse is that to casual?
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Depends on what type of party it is??? If its in there house or in a pub in the afternoon well then no jeans and blouse is fine but if its more of a "formal dining" well then personally I wouldnt wear jeans.
redroses Posts: 714
Sorry :duh: forgot to say, because the church is so small they have said it would be better to just come up to the house afterwards for a get together so im presuming thats a pretty informal party then. I hadnt even thought about it, just thought about what i was going to wear. Thanks mrs summer, im a bit on the stupid side today :o0
MsCabbage Posts: 674
I don't think I would wear jeans tbh, I don't mean to make you feel bad or anything but I would think jeans too casual. Its not even that they would be too casual but I would think that other people would be more dressed up and I'd be worried about feeling out of place esp if you're not feeling too hot at the moment - better go more dressy if you're feeling like that. Well that would be my way anyhow :wv
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Was goin to be smart and answer your question with......a white dress :o0 :o0 :o0 Two of my girls made their communions and if I had a thing in the house after I think jeans would be grand once you dress it up with heels nd a nice top :wv
zoey Posts: 1574
[quote:3314m3c7]I think jeans would be grand once you dress it up with heels and a nice top [/quote:3314m3c7] I think this is the best option. You can make jeans as dressy or as casual as you like really depending on what you wear with them.
seans missus Posts: 1381
At our school communion last year, there was a lot of dressy jeans and nice tops. I think if its in the house, then a nice pair of dressy jeans and a nice maybe summery top/blouse would be lovely. I always think that darker coloured jeans look more dressy. Depending on the weather, you could dress it up with a pair of sparkly sandals. :wv
redroses Posts: 714
Thanks girls, Was talking to two of H2B sis this eve and they said they were going in trousers and heels so im going to dress up my jeans with heels and a really dressy blouse top kind of thing!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
sounds good to me redroses, whatever your comfortable in will make you feel good about yourself on the day O-O