What does a new born baby sleep in at night??

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lellikelly Posts: 891
Hi girls, am getting a little confused over what a new born baby sleeps in at night, alot of people telling me that a mosses Basket is a waste of money, was in mothercare on sat and the girl was telling me i could put new born straight into a cot? My brother in law had a baby a few weeks ago and they bought a crip for baby but it wont sleep in it and they let the baby sleep in pram over night.? I would love to know what your going to put your baby into to sleep at night, as you can probably tell am going to be a first time mum and not really sure what to do, thanks in advance :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
Whatever suits really! Be careful with the pram though, very few of them are overnight friendly. Mothercare only sell one pram that a baby can sleep in overnight. They're not designed for it and don't have the right ventilation which increases the risk of SIDS - naps are ok though. DD slept in a crib. I'd a moses basket for naps during day cause we've a three storey house and waasn't lifting it up each night (was my moses basket when I was born and is big and heavy!). I borrowed the crib. After crib DD was still in our room so she went into a travel cot for 6 months and now is in her cot.
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
I've no actual experience yet (see ticker), but plan to put baby straight into the cot in the bedroom at night time. I have a crib for the living room for day time naps. Like LMB says, do whatever suits you. Some people might not have space for a cot beside their bed, so a smaller moses basket or crib would work while the baby is in the room with you.
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
We used a moses basket next to our bed at night, and had it down stairs during the day. It was really easy to move! Then we had the cot next to bed until dd was around 6 months ols and she went into her own room. We'll probably just do the same again this time.
Lanzbride Posts: 100
we used a moses basket until ds was about 8 weeks old and then moved him into a crib. we've no room in our bedroom for the cot!! if i was doing it all again I wouldnt have bothered with the moses basket & just used the crib from the start. he naps in his pram or bouncer!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
We're gonna put the baby into the cot - you can get the divider things that keep the baby up at the top of the cot (so they wont wiggle down under the covers) so that makes the cot seem smaller and more cosy for them. You can also get a thing with sides on it that you lay the baby on so that might make the cot smaller again. TBH my SIL put my niece straigth into the cot (with no divider) and never had any problems and her sister has done the same with her 2 aswell.