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yummum2010 Posts: 407
Hi girls, Hope everyone is keeping well............. Thinking a good bit ahead here and have been looking at clothes for baby as going up North this weekend. two questions which Id love to know what you think: What size clothes do you buy for a newborn baby - I know there is a "newborn size" but these are TINY as I have bought one before and they really do seem too small so what are you all buying for the baby for the first few weeks? Im due in October - Im so confused about what to put baby in leaving hospital. Between bodysuits, vests, rompers, sleepsuits and normal clothes I really dont know where to start! Whats best to put baby in leaving hospital? bearing in mind it will be cold in Oct! Any advice greatly appreciated! yummum
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Babygros imo are the best for the first few weeks for a couple of reasons. Its more comfy for baby as there is no zips buttons elastic etc rubbing off them especially with the umbilical cord. Also i found they are easy to get on and off until you get more confident with handling the baby. coming home from hospital just have vest babygrow and one of the all in one suits (like snow suits) if its really cold you can just put blankets on then .
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
yummum i have bought mostly 0-3months stuff and that is it. I know there will be lots of clothes pressies so have bought about 15 short sleeve babygoros, 15 long sleeve babygros , 15 sleeping suits, some cardigans, hats, booties and scratch mitts. NOt going to buy anymore till baby arrives and i know what sex i am buying for!
yummum2010 Posts: 407
Thanks girls! Sorry if this is a silly question but whats the babygro setup? I did a search on mothercare and nothing comes up its all rompers and sleepsuits and vests - I really am confused! Is the babygro like the romper - short sleeves and short legs (to the knee) clueless! :o0
gemini chica Posts: 2581
yummum7, to me the vest are the undergarments and can be short sleeves or long. Babygro is the traditonal name then for the sleepsuit that they wear to bed (all in one with feet) but they are fine to wear all the time in the early days. I would have a vest, a babygro and a cardigan on with blankets when leaving hospital and of course a hat. This is the images of what a babygro is they probably are called all different names though.... http://www.mothercare.com/b/44478031?ie ... f_rd_t=101
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
yumm, it's all very bewlidering, isn't it??? Sleepsuit/babygro are the same thing. They wear either a short sleeved/long sleeved vest suit thing under the babygro. I never really put DS in a long sleeved vest as he is a warm baby but it will be winter so handy to get some in. The babygro/sleepsuit have the feet in them. TBH I left DS in a babygro for about 2/3 months, all the time! PHN was telling me to as was my mam, I just think little tight trousers are not very comfy looking. I got 0-3 months and some 3-6 months when I ws starting out. We don't have small babies in our family and I had no idea how big he was going to be or not! I wouldn't bother getting newborn. They grow so fast in the first few mnths, each week I had to move to a different size babygro. Each shop fits differently. Found Dunnes/Penneys small fitting, M&S not so bad. Found Next the best really, size wise. They fit for a good while. I'm only going to get some in Next this time, nowhere else.