what does consultant on call mean??

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sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
Hi girlies, just looking for some clarification. Was with my consultant yesterday for 5 month scan. I wanted to make sure that she would be there for the brith- as in , not on hols. She said, ya wont be on hols then. Ill be there fr the delivery providing its not a weekend. If its a weekend, you'll have the "consultant on call". Im absolutely useless for speaking up so I didnt ask what that meant. Does this mean that I will have access to the consultant who is on duty for the general ward?- as in the consultant who will be shared between every woman in labour?? Is this normal for private care? Thanks a mill
shazfla Posts: 432
Hey i havent gone private but have worked in a couple of hospitals (not dedicated maternity) but weekend staffing worked that way. Everyone shares the same on call team even if the doctor and patient have never seen each other before.