what dresses are safe to be dry cleaned?

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dreambaby2013 Posts: 2445
Hi all, just starting this topic to find out how succesfull/unsucessfull people have been with getting their wedding dresses dry cleaned. I bought a sample dress and was trying to decide whether to get it cleaned before wearing it or not. It looked fine but taught it might be good to freshen it up. When i spoke to the lady doing my alterations she told me as my dress is lace that if i was getting it cleaned get it done before the alterations as the lace sometimes shrinks. I've decided against getting mine dry cleaned but will prob get it done after the wedding either before storing it or selling it on. (don't think i will sell it on). So girls have yee had your dresses cleaned, how did they turn out, and where did yee get them cleaned?
whitespirit Posts: 111
I'm very keen to hear who got their dress cleaned, what type of dress it was (ie lace,beads etc) and did it turn out ok. Mine is silk, lace and beads and I am afraid the beads will melt in cleaning process, so was the dry cleaner so I have not got it cleaned yet.
Brideonabudget2012 Posts: 231
whitespirit have you tried the harmony drycleaners in clondalkin, she seems very confident about doing wedding dresses.
whitespirit Posts: 111
I think they are the ones Vera Wang used to use. Will give them a call.
Brideonabudget2012 Posts: 231
They said they clean dresses for between €90 to €130 and there is €25 off at the mo, but have only ever had a problem with one dress, that the shop had glued a flower onto, that shouldnt have been on it. She seemed very confident in cleaning all sorts of wedding dresses.