What factor sun cream to start on - pale skin - 27 degrees ?

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StylishB Posts: 143
Hi, Am just wondering about sun cream and what factor sun cream do you start off on on holidays - i have pale skin, and am going to the algarve - 27 degrees ???
lux Posts: 6270
I use factor 50 for the first week, then 30 but I make sure to have a supply of the 50 because I've never been able to find it abroad. I've very pale skin and can get blisters (not burn) due to the heat so I am VERY careful. The Boots Once range is great because you only apply it Once! But I still top it up if I'm in water to be on the safe side. HTH
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
Use at least SPF30, you never need to go lower than this. You might get a tan but you'll age so much faster.
Kermette Posts: 924
Would your skin tan at all or would you just burn!?!? SPF 50 is your best bet if you are very pale and have a high tendency to burn like my OH. He wore SPF 50 everyday on our honeymoon & I wore it on my face too everyday. Tanning your face dries our your skin and leads to premature aging and lines/ age spots on your face. You can downgrade to SPF 30 on day 2/3 and SPF 20 thereafter if you're feeling brave but I certainly wouldn't chance going below 20 if you are a person who tends to burn in the sun, blisters are not only unsightly and sore but an absolute definite if your skin cannot handle the sun. Just remember to keep reapplying it, once a day is not enough!