what happens at first appointment with consultant??

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caoimh Posts: 479
hi just wondering what goes on with the first appointment with your consultant??? i have mine on the 20th April and im going private in holles street????
surprisejellybaby Posts: 46
Going private also. Had 1st appointment at 14 weeks and just had weight taken, blood pressure, consultant asked a couple of questions about my medical history (nothing about DH's). Had bloods taken and he checked urine. Then went up to have scan which lasted all of 4 minutes. This later turned out to be the "big scan" - consultant said he checked for everything then. At 20 weeks just had abdominal exam, checked weight and blood pressure. He wasn't giving me a scan only I insisted and it lasted 2 minutes (and I don't think he was impressed that I asked) - of course it didn't hit me til we left that he didn't even give us a print out of it. Good luck with it all ! Hope everything goes well O:o)