What happens if u go into labour before ES date?

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windycity Posts: 2241
Both babies are breech and have no room in there for turning so Im scheduled in with my cons for an elective section on a certain date but what happens if in the meantime, I go into labour on my own? Am I brought in and cons is called and they do an emergency section? What happens directly before and after a section? x
mjm Posts: 393
windycity, cant help you with what happens if you go into labour before ES,I presume consultant comes in ASAP to perform CS. I'll be having ES again this time so better ask that. As for what happens before and after ES. On DD I had ES and was brought in at 7am on the morning fasting from midnight before and given a bed, tablet to make bowels move, gowned up, and after a few emergency sections jumped in ahead of me, I was brought down the theatre with DH at about 9am, went through long questionaire with anaesthetist then prepped by midwife for spinal block and anaesthetist administered this (DH not in the room) then allowed a little time for that to kick in and brought in to theatre (DH gowned up and allowed in) to consultant, bit of digging around and baby out, it seemed to take longer to do every thing after than it did to get baby out, DH was holding baby all that time. Section feels very strange with someone moving your insides around and made me a bit queasy. After they put me back together, I was taken to recovery for a couple of hours but DH and DD were with me, before being brought upstairs again and given tea and toast. Catheter is also fitted as you cant get out of bed for about 8 hours, was up and moving around that night though. HTH. mjm
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I was booked for an elective section and told if I went into labour before it I'd be sectioned as an emergency case. The consultant told me to go to hospital immediately if there were any signs at all. I didn't go into labour, section was a week before due date.
lila Posts: 982
I'm very intertesed in this too. Pre-mature labor is a worry with twins. i'm in the same both. I've had 2 previous emergency sections so this will be an scheduled one and just worry with twins that they'll arrive sooner than scheduled date. Really don't want another emergency section...
jewellb Posts: 2389
MJM what hosp was that? I'm having an ES in holles st!