what happens when you ditch the pill?

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Ducky Posts: 2506
Stupid I know but... How were you all in the days after you threw away the pack? I know it can take up to six months for your body/cycle to return to normal after being on the pill, that's not actually my question. Did you call just finish a pack, bleed and then stop after a few days? I am due to finish a pack in good time before wedding and be finished bleeding too. If I don't start next pack, I could be getting married off the pill for first time in over a decade and we could start trying right away. Am worried that I would bleed for a long time as my body 'looks' for the new pack and would be in trouble for the big day. Am I mad?
kirsten Posts: 146
MRS.M Posts: 226
hi i was worried too about coming off the pill but i have not had anything different at all. had the usual bleed after finishing the pack then like kirsten had a period exactly 28 days later but the next month it was almost 31 days before i got my period so i'm not sure what my cycle is.. other than that no odd occurences.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Thanks guys, feeling better now. Am so nervous about coming off it, like it's a crutch or something because I have been on it so long. I was put on it very young (as had chronic period problems) and other than changing brand twice, I've never been without it. Am worried that problems will return but am keen to stop pumping myself full of hormones :oops:
pinkbride Posts: 173
i was similar to the others,although my first real period was a bit later than normal i stopped the pack and had my normal bleed, i didn't get my next real period till 35 days later. and that was the end of the real periods for a while cos i got pregant then !