What has been MOST stressful part for you?

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Angel! Posts: 1494
Just wondering... For me, it is the table plan. I thought I'd sail through it, but tried to do it at the weekend and nearly threw a fit... ...They can't sit near them... ...Work friend won't mix with cricket club crowd... ...Who do we put next to the old cow with a face like a slapped arse... ...3 names left and nowhere they will fit in... ...They're too old to sit at that table... ...They're too young to sit at that table... ...Mum's family too close to new stepmum... ...Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh But we kind of have to have one as I can't take the risk that people will be left with odd seats here and there and be forced to sit at a table with completely unsuitable people... So, what have you girls found to be the one area of the wedding that has you reaching for the valium ????
Mama2 Posts: 1230
My familiy - or more specifically my mother. I feel that she's not on my side and the minute someone says "you have to have" or "you can't have" then it becomes gospel. It drives me nuts! O:| That said, I'm still 6 months out so I'm sure I'll have plenty to add to that list.
Huggles Posts: 1108
FMIL O:| O:| O:|
Carebear34 Posts: 55
The invitation list getting longer and longer. Until I threw my hissy fit. Otherwise I would have been waiting at the door hoping people would refuse and that just ruins the whole point of inviting people in the first place and the rsvps should have been something to look forward to. It is a manageable number now and hopefully a lot on it can come.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Anonymous Posts: 24542
politics with the in-laws.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Oh no...I haven't even started a table plan yet! :ooh For me it's been keeping to budget...family issues...and h2b not pulling his weight until very recently... >:o( Right now h2b's family has me driven crazy. I don't know if valium would even cut it!!!! >:o( O:| >:o( O:|
Angel! Posts: 1494
Yeah, I also have the alcoholic parent problem (mother). She's doing well, but big occasions can be her downfall. Then I have Dad bringing his new wife adding to the strain on me Mum !!! Luckily FMIL is 5 thousand miles away, so we get on GREAT !!!!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Guest list was very stressful, and that came very early on. Other than that it's the pre-conceptions...where family/friends think things are going to be a certain way because it's the "done thing" or because that's what they had for their own wedding or for the most recent wedding they've been to, or that's what all their friends' kids had at their weddings, or whatever it might be....when all you want is what YOU visualised for your own wedding. It's something I didn't see coming until it happened! The other stressful things is that I'm not spending enough time researching - I'm a perfectionist but to research the PERFECT band and photographer and everything else takes time that I'm not putting in. I could compromise and get things done in the time available, but I haven't wanted to do that either. So now I have to knuckle down and start making some bookings.....
CaliMom Posts: 670
KKranberry you win! That's alot of stress you've had to put up with you poor thing! I found the most stressful to be organising accomodation for our guests... half are travelling from abroad & the other half live in Ireland but in a different county so everyone has to stay overnight... we had no intention of organising any rooms (except at our venue which had to be named by us) but would oyu believe that there are still one or two people who do not have accomodation (look at the ticker girls!!) & expect us to help find them something!! O:| O:| Also, the tableplan was a big pain... and also the mass booklet... jasus I could go on... lol :o0