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Ivory Bride Posts: 111
have just been to the doc to confirm that I am pregnant (yipee), I think I will do shared visits and try and go private. But she was not helpful at all regarding what hospital or consultant I should see.... Im so confused... Any one any help!!! No one to ask
bellabella Posts: 2750
Hi Mrs.pregnant ivory bride, sorry i dont have an idea, i am just dying to know what hubby said and how did you tell him? have a great pregnancy.
MrsWigwam Posts: 558
Have a look on the different Hospital websites even and get an idea of what kind of hospital you would like - if in Dublin there is obv 3 to choose from , The Coombe and Holles St being most popular. Then once you have decided on Hospital im sure someone will be able to recommend you a good consultant.
one year married Posts: 133
Congrats! Have you looked over on MagicMum? You should get plenty of recommendations there www.magicmum.com
irish bride Posts: 558
First of all BIG CONGRATULATIONS, am thrilled for you! I am registered as private in the Coombe. My mother in law is a nurse in the Coombe and said that she wouldnt let me register with anyone other than Dr Drumm. She said any time the staff in the hosp are pg they all register with him as well cause he is the best. I have already met with him and he is really nice so if you are at all interested in the Coombe I would say this is the man to go with! Best of luck!
Ivory Bride Posts: 111
thanks all for the recommendations, Ill check out that site. Im gonna ring my doc again and ask her what hosp she thinks is best. Bellabride -Husband was a bit shocked I think it only sinks in when its real..... but he was over the moon couldnt get the smile off his face. He couldnt believe I kept it to myself all day and not let it slip to him. I just wanted to see his reaction..