what I thought were pre-labour symptoms are gone

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
:o( I really thought something was happening over the past week. Had loads of mucous type discharge (sorry for TMI) and kept going to the loo- about 3 or more times a day (no.2 - sorry TMI again :-8 ) but I have no discharge now. Still going to the loo a lot but that's been for 10 days now so maybe it's unrelated. I shouldn't be so impatient as I'm not even overdue yet but I was convinced that the baby would come early judging by doctor saying that it had run out of space and fluid was a bit low and he'd be surprised if it didn't come soon- that was a week ago. And I didn't sleep last night so I'm really contrary today and even my darling DH is driving me round the bend O:| might go back to bed and feel sorry for myself.
Bellabing Posts: 1449
you poor pet, head back to the nest it'll make you feel better. take care F
mummytime Posts: 3149
Hi Sunny I didn't sleep a wink last night either. I actually can't believe I managed to lay awake the whole night long O:| Really tired and grumpy today. I was fairly relaxed up to a couple of days ago but now seem to be getting exponentially impatient!!!! While it's fantastic to hear about october babies being born, it sure makes me sooooooooo impatient to have mine. Did you have a sweep yet?
kala Posts: 1937
Sunny, look i now you are prob so fed up and would love for babs to arrive sooner rather than later. i had labour systems for a good 10 days or so before baby James was eventually born a week early. thing was i kept say to my mother i had a feeling i'd go early and she said that i hadn't a hope as i'd never go early on my first, if anything i'd go over- thankfuly i proved her wrong. also she use to drive me daft saying time come baby come. best of luck- hope your babs doesn't keep you too long waiting.
nea dude Posts: 749
Sunnyside, it's not uncommon for labour symptoms to start and stop again for a few days. Try to reserve your energy and keep walking for exercise, it will be any day now.