What is being spent and on what?

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cantthinkofagoodname Posts: 40
Hi, New Wolly here :wv Hope this isn't too personal, but I'm just curious as to how ur wedding budgets are being broken down?? I'm getting such a mad range of quotes for all the various bits and pieces like band, flowers etc. I fully understand that typically the more you pay the better quality product/service you will recieve but just wondering how much we are all typically spending on things like [b:27q9flbb]band, flowers, photographer, videographer [/b:27q9flbb]etc? Maybe we'll be able to seek out those suppliers giving the better value deals as a result? :o0
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
I can't remeber exact prices as I have lost the budget For Band & DJ we paid 2700 For Flowers we paid 1800 For Photographer it was €500 for day & then whatever we spend on the ablum & other big pics Videographer cost 1200
discounter Posts: 441
We will be paying: 1900 for band & dj 1295 for photographer (650 on the day) 220 for church music That's all I have organised at the moment! HTH - make sure to shop around (I think we're getting married on the same day if I remember correctly?) :wv
fish12 Posts: 389
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
€800 - String quartet for church srevice €200 - Soprano soloist for church service €400 - Harpist & flautist for drinks reception €500 + accommadation - DJ €500 + accomadation - Musician/singer for after meal €580 - BM dresses (for two BMs) €580 - 5 Tuxes (Groom, bestman, groomsman and the two dads) Free - Flower girl dress (cousin gave me dress her flowergirl wore for her wedding :o)ll ) €750 approx - Wedding stationery (invites, RSVPs, envelopes, mass booklets and name cards for tables) €700 - Videographer €2,250 - Photographer (Storybook album, 2 parent albums, c.d. and smaller slideshow, and engagement photoshoot) That's just a shortlist of some of our costs. They can differ hugely depending on your choice, taste and location can make a difference too. HTH :wv
Sharon2010! Posts: 64
800 for chuch music and though the meal 1000 for flowers 1750 for photographer - might go for bigger album after thou
candypants Posts: 8575
Im only starting off too and this will help me so thanks :thnk God the range of prices vary so much :eek
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
So far approx budget €2500 for Church music, Band & DJ. €2500 for Videographer who is also going to be doing a photography package .. these 2 will be our our Big splurge Approx 9k on hotel Candles/Flowers for Church €1k budget €0 on cars... friend of H2B has amazing car which we will be using on the day.. Room decoration - have set budget of €2k My dress, shoes & accessories €2k BM dresses - 3 will come in with accessories at about €500
elizajane Posts: 631
Yikes - reading some of these posts i'm beginning to feel ripped off in certain areas! O:|
nina09 Posts: 80
My God Sparkly, 2000 for room decoration? What on earth are you gettting done for that amount if you don't mind me asking?