what is everyone doing for weekend?

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Tanyababy Posts: 70
Im being boring this weekend and staying in with lovely DH
sandym Posts: 774
I'm heading out for a dinner with h2b and 16 others for my friends 30th..staying away for the night without the 3 children..can't wait to get a a bit tipsy with h2b as normally one of us has to not drink so that we can drive home and with a young baby one of us has to always be sober..it'll be nice to realx and let the hair down for once..getting all excited now just thinkg about it:o)ll :o)ll
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
I'm going for a drastic hair color change on Saturday (Black (my natural hair colour) to Red :-8 :eek ) , and then myself and hubby are going for dinner on Saturday night with another couple. Sunday will be more than kely nursing my hangover!
xcitedbride Posts: 589
BBQ tonight, shopping in the morning and then a good dvd tomorrow night i got Ps i love you last weekend and i cried like a baby all through it (wine didnt help me :hic )so must get an upbeat dvd :o)ll
Roz Posts: 588
Doing some final shopping for the wedding tomorrow avo and have my 2nd hen night tomorrow night. The work girls are bringing me to the dog track for dinner and a night of drinking, betting and dancing O-O Sun will more than likely be me nursing a very sore head :hic
happy go lucky Posts: 89
hi everyone im heading off to Puerto Rico for a week tomorrow...yipeeee soooo excited.... :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
MrsMay09 Posts: 382
Ive my pre marriage course tomorrow (getting rid of it fine and early) Allergic to the thoughts of it though
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Spending with the in-laws.... doing far too much of that lately :o0
SueEllen Posts: 63
sleeping! I'm wrecked after this week :o0 :o0
CorkBK2008 Posts: 445
Going to the Ann Summers party tonight, hopefully wont be too ill in the morning. Plan on going shopping with my mum for her outfit... fingers x