What is on your wish list to do after baby arrives?!

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lambnose Posts: 915
What is on your wish list to do after the baby arrives? These are mine! I have to write lists to remind myself to get motivated about things... 1. Get teeth professionally whitened. I reckon I deserve it after giving up the fags when I became pregnant with DD. 2. Lose any baby weight that needs to be lost by going to the gym twice a week and cutting out the junk. 3. Get my hair cut into a fab new style and maintain it properly! 4. Buy some lovely new clothes for the summer and BURN my maternity trousers and bobbely long jumpers. I am already picking out the clothes I would like from the Next catalogue. :wv 5. Buy a new pair of jeans that actually fit me properly and make my stumpy legs look long and lean. :-8 6. Get out in the sun for an hour each day for a powerwalk with the children in the buggy. 7. Enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evenings again. O-O So girls, what are you wishing for??? :thnk
bree Posts: 1880
oh lamb our priorities are so similar.... i plan to walk with the kids in the buggy too, already have the next gear picked ( stuff that kinda covers the post baby belly )however i dont think the gym will see me :-8 .... but i am gonna make a major effort with the eating/keeping healthy etc.....& WILL tone the tum! tho i think using a dvd instead ! i too sooooo need some nice jeans etc but to be honest my major plans are,tho i sound like an alcoholic...( dh cant understand this as im not a big drinker ordinarilly) is to sit out the back in the fine summer evenings with a lovely chilled glass of white & some smoked cheese , to be able to throw bits on the BBQ & enjoy a drink with DH knowing the kids are sleeping & im 'guilt free' about having a glass... ( i have high expectations of good sleeping babies :o0 )
whackywoman Posts: 1496
god I am going to sound like an alcoholic as well but have more than half a glass of wine and get tipsy lose weight walk without anyone headbutting my utherus >:o) >:o) >:o) >:o)
sineaaad Posts: 402
A glass (or bottle >:o) ) of wine A night out (after about 6ish weeks) A new wardrobe A packet of peanuts!!
mrscat Posts: 1082
Cocktails :)
Baby bop Posts: 662
New Wardrobe Sign back up for dance class Get roots done :o0
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Go on a diet! (Wedding is 9 months later!) Get back car racing! (Oh my god do I miss this!) New wardrobe Have a night out with h2b and get a little more than tipsy! (I still have the odd glass of wine so don't miss it too much n wasn't a big drinker before I got pregnant so don't know why I want this so bad!) Never eat another packet of Tayto Monster Munch! They're my craving at the mo n bought a 6 pack the other day thinking that I'd have them at home or whatever - ate the 6 packs in 2 days!!!!!! :eek :eek
sinion Posts: 6050
[b:1el1j10x][size=150:1el1j10x]GET PISSED!!!! [/size:1el1j10x][/b:1el1j10x] :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Dootsay Posts: 958
Yep! defo get a little tiddly O-O O-O have a lovely big bottle of my fave white wine (no sharing!) and maybe a naught ciggie :-8 as I miss them dearly :-8 Peanut butter, chicken satay, new wardrobe, paint my toenails, stop dropping things, cycling, walking & a nights sleep (slim chance) without loo stops. And saying :wv to bloatedness, swollen hands and feeling like a pensioner *)
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
[quote="Dootsay":3r3603eb]Yep! defo get a little tiddly O-O O-O have a lovely big bottle of my fave white wine (no sharing!) and maybe a naught ciggie :-8 as I miss them dearly :-8 [/quote:3r3603eb] No maybe about it for me Dootsay, I am with you 100%.. :o0 I would love to stay off them but the first night I get a chance to have a chilled glass of sparkling wine or rose outside(on the deck that DH and my Dad will have hopefully built by then :o)ll ) I will be enjoying it with one or two very naughty cigs!!!! After that its lose weight and buy some beautiful clothes again rather then things that look like they fell off the back of a circus trailer :o0 :o0 Oh and that my high heels and nice shoes will fit my swollen feet again :o0